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THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE release new song “Dillon And Her Son”; new record coming up this September

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THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE’s last grown up full length Harmlessness, featuring the amazing “January 10th, 2014”  was a vivid, emotional and beautiful painting that you could literally walk into. Overwhelming and humbling, that’s basically who these guys are. Their 3rd album, Always Foreign, was just announced for an Epitaph Records release on September 28th, and we finally have a chance to hear their new track “Dillon And Her Son”. Listen below.

Vocalist David Bello commented for Fader magazine, who premiered the tune earlier today:

“This song is about aging in a world that’s constantly being flipped over and trying to hold together your sense of reality. It’s fun, but dangerous, and sometimes you have to stomp on some snakes to clear your path to being a more stable person.”

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Album track listing:

01 “I’ll Make Everything”
02 “The Future”
03 “Hilltopper”
04 “Faker”
05 “Gram”
06 “Dillon And Her Son”
07 “Blank #12″
08 “For Robin”
09 “Marine Tigers”
10 “Fuzz Minor”
11 “Infinite Steve”

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