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Argentinian solo act ÖÖ capture the fragility of nature on his latest record “Esta noche temerás”

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Alejandro Gomez has been perfecting his craft in various projects including DRAGONAUTA, SARGHUMA INCOXIS, and GALLO DE RIÑA, and he has recently started a new solo project called ÖÖ, an experimental ambient / post rock incarnation born after Alejandro endeavored to find a deeper sound with trance elements and darker tones, and more atmospheres laying out ethereal ambient themes on top of dreamy waves from the 80s.

His latest album is called “Esta Noche Temerás” (“tonight you´ll be scared”) and it’s been crated all by himself. The expansive, yet unpretentious record is being supported with an intersting animated video from the song “Cuna de Lobos” (wolf´s cradle), illustrated and animated by guess who! Yup, Alejandro himself.

After moving to Stuttgart, Germany, he is now getting ready to meet his kindred spirits in his area and revive his work on the new ground. He’s been playing live shows back in Buenos Aires, so don’t hesiitate to reach him out via [email protected] and help him get into German post rock scene.

Asked about his sound, Alexandro replied: “This last album is a mixture of 80s prog-pop, but I tried to make my guitars sound like a the stooges recording (I really love Ron Asheton sound), the drums I wanted to be electronic as early Cocteau Twins, and tried to create some epic passages as Dead Can Dance (ok, I wish that haha!). So, I don’t know, indie (is it still a label?), post rock or post punk? I am not sure. It is not enough dark or enough gothic to say I am standing on the darker side of music.. I think it is full of light.. so I am not sure.. maybe post-rock?”

… and he’s quite right. “Esta noche temerás” explores both light and darkness combined in a refined blend of sound able that keeps the listener constantly on the move. Listen for yourself and share your thoughts below.

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