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WRECKAGE signs with Hotfoot Records

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WRECKAGE came together with one thought in mind to resurrect the aggressive fast paced metallic style of hardcore that seemed to have slowly dissipated in recent times. Current roster of Nick Racino (guitar), Michael Hatalak (guitar), Jesse Muscato (drums), Robert Mcready (vocals) and Joseph Simmen (bass). Rob’s aggressive vocal style finally gave the band it’s needed push to capture the true essence of their original vision. Taking cues from influences ranging from SICK OF IT ALL, STRIFE and the CRO-MAGS to ALL OUT WAR, MACHINE HEAD, MOD, EXODUS, and BURIED ALIVE. WRECKAGE seeks to deliver an all out assault to the listener and concert goer, so look for them to release their first CD out soon on Hotfoot Records! Check out their new track “Motivation” below and spread around the good news!

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