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XERXES interviewed by Blow The Scene

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Blow The Scene conducted an interview with XERXES.

Any bands out there that are really exciting you at the moment?

Calvin Philley: I hate to be the one to answer this question because I feel like out of everyone, my taste in music is the least representative of Xerxes‘ views as a whole. But I’ll try to channel everyone else on this one. Its no surprise, and its not like everyone else doesn’t think the same thing, but we all agree the newest Pianos Become The Teeth‘s record is too good. What’s most exciting about them, though, is that record seemed like them hitting their stride songwriting as an entire band. I have already heard that they’re working on new material. They’re hit machines. We’re jealous of how much Code Orange Kids have on their plate for the next few months, they just announced a split coming out on Topshelf and a LP on DeathwishThe Kids are out of control. Also, I heard Former Thieves are toying with the direction of their music and turning the dial towards accessibility. That could mean any number of things, but it’s exciting because the idea of them re-imagining their sound, but still building on the technicality and force that was their last LP, could mean they’re writing the best record anyone will hear this year.

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