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“Yellow” by COLDPLAY goes emo pop punk in new cover from Alex Melton

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Alex Milton, a rising YouTuber and trending artist in the pop punk and emo scene, has just released his own version of Coldplay’s iconic hit “Yellow.” The track, which originally debuted in 2000 as the band’s first single, has since become a classic and beloved song in the world of alternative rock.

Milton’s interpretation of the track is a departure from the original, as he infuses the song with his signature blend of pop punk and emo. The result is a high-energy and emotional rendition that is sure to delight both fans of the original track and Milton’s own dedicated following.

Alex Melton
Alex Melton

Yellow” was written by Coldplay’s lead vocalist, Chris Martin, as a tribute to his then-girlfriend, who was studying in Liverpool at the time. The song’s lyrics are filled with metaphors and imagery related to the color yellow, which Martin associated with happiness, love, and sunshine. The track’s popularity helped launch Coldplay’s career, and it remains one of their most beloved songs to this day.

Alex Melton is a musician known for his pop punk and country covers. He is the founder of Vacation Room Studio and has been covering popular songs since 2012.

He has covered a range of songs, including “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, giving them a pop punk twist. Melton’s ability to take pop punk anthems and turn them into country bangers has been praised, with covers like “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” (titled “I Write Sins Not Tractors”) by Panic! At The Disco and “I Miss You” (titled “I Miss Ya’ll”) by Blink-182.

Melton’s new album, Southern Charm, features covers of both pop-punk and country songs in the opposite genre.

The album has received mixed reviews, with some praising Melton’s ability to craft unique covers and blend genres, while others criticize the lack of originality and ingenuity. Nonetheless, the album is described as a fun and enjoyable listening experience, especially for those who may not typically enjoy country music. Some standout tracks include Melton’s covers of Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That” and Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again.” Overall, Alex Melton’s Southern Charm is a unique addition to the world of covers and a testament to Melton’s talent for blending genres.

Southern Charm is a testament to his versatility as an artist. The album seamlessly blends pop punk and pop country to create a unique sound that is truly Melton’s own. While country music has been criticized in recent years for its lack of authenticity, Melton’s take on the genre is refreshing and enjoyable. He brings a bit of edge to pop country songs, while adding a bit of southern twang to pop punk songs. This blending of genres is what makes Southern Charm stand out from other albums in both genres.

What sets Melton apart from other cover artists is his ability to take a song and make it his own. On Southern Charm, Melton covers a range of songs, from Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That” to The Story So Far’s “Quicksand.” Melton’s versions of these songs take on a whole new life from the original source material. His version of “Something Like That” is a great example, really leaning into the pop punk sound with chuggy guitars, anthemic choruses, and passion that fills the song. Melton’s ability to make each song his own is a testament to his deep understanding of country and pop punk.

His weightless, freewheeling style is infectious, particularly on the pop-punk covers. Songs like Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That” and Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” showcase Melton’s big-hearted stabs at earnestness, while his sly, wry smirk is evident in his cover of Sam Hunt’s “Body Like A Back Road.”

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