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Emotive hardcore punks DEPIT teasing new album with powerful new tracks – listen!

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Originating from Białystok, Poland, Dépit came to existence in February 2019 and has since undergone a process of development, shaping its sound and creating its own unique musical identity. The period between the band’s inception and November 2021 was characterized by the formation of its lineup, experimentation with various styles, and the creation of their original offerings. With a steadfast commitment to artistic growth, Dépit has undergone a metamorphosis in the process of honing its craft, resulting in a musical style that is unapologetically versatile and nuanced. Their newest singles “Wojna” and “Cierpienie” come as a quality teaser of their debut full-length “D​​​é​​​pit” that will be released this month on DIY Koło Records.

Depit in Cracow

Since November 2021, Dépit has been performing with an unchanged lineup consisting of Bazyl on vocals, Gregor on drums (also of Shrift, NammothCochise), Piotrek on guitar, and Szymi on bass. The band members have a shared musical philosophy that eschews genre pigeonholing and embraces a diversity of influences that informs their musical output. As such, the band’s sound is an amalgamation of various musical styles, ranging from emo hardcore, to gritty punk rock, post-hardcore and metalcore.

“When it comes to our inspirations, we have no limits – we play what we feel internally.” – comments the band.

DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia
DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia

“We don’t have any specific models or influences, as each of us is unique with different tastes and contributions to the band. It is the listeners who categorize and compare us, based on their own associations and perspectives. We engage with them, discuss and explore their feedback – it is always surprising, intriguing and insightful. We smile and feel joyful, as this is what it’s all about. We surprise people with our music, and they surprise us with their opinions and comparisons.”

DEPIT live by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia
DEPIT live by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia

Despite their eclectic approach to music, at the core of Dépit’s ethos is a commitment to expressing sincere and profound emotions through their lyrics, which are anchored in the hardcore punk tradition. The band’s music represents an honest and unflinching reflection of the human condition, encapsulating the joys, sorrows, and struggles of life in equal measure.

As such, Dépit resonates instalntly, drawing to its raw emotional intensity and the band’s unapologetic approach.

Asked about their beginnings as a band, Piotrek commented: “The beginning was entirely spontaneous. In February 2019, Sergiusz (former vocalist/bassist) called me and asked if we could meet up and play together with Władek (drummer). We rented a room, and that’s how it all started. We spontaneously created the framework for one of the songs that ended up on the album, and we decided to continue our meetings. In the meantime, there were a few lineup changes. We went from a three-person lineup to four. Bazyl joined as a vocalist. Szymon on bass. Grzesiek replaced Władek on drums, and that’s how we’ve been playing since 2021.”

“The initial idea was that everything would revolve around screamo/emo, but over time, everything began to evolve spontaneously. Without imposing anything on ourselves or pigeonholing ourselves into a specific genre. We play naturally, without restrictions, according to how we feel inside. Each one of us is different and brings something unique to the band.”

Piotrek had the idea for the album cover, which was related to the definition of the word Dépit – meaning anger or resentment. Emotionally, quickly, and expressively, the cover depicts a patriarchal dialogue between a man and a woman, leaving the woman alone with all of her problems, resulting in a woman’s face surrounded by tears. This was also the first official graphic design that Piotrek created for the band in 2019. During the process of designing the entire album’s appearance, nostalgia kicked in, and they decided to place the graphic on the front cover.

Depit cover

Apart from their debut album, Dépit has recorded two more songs for two compilations that will soon be released.

One, to be released on CD, will be associated with the 10th anniversary of their label, D.I.Y Koło Records, as a benefit for the animal shelter “Masz Nosa.”

The other is related to the DIY festival in Krakow, “Please Don’t Cry Fest,” where they had the opportunity to perform. Several bands from different festival editions have released their music on tape. Dépit also released two music videos promoting their upcoming album, “Prolog (Intro) / Wojna.”

DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia
DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia

Regarding their future full album, it has been ready for over a year. Due to COVID-related issues, they had a one-year delay in their debut, but they also had plenty of time to work on the framework of the future material at home. They plan to record and release the album in such a way that it will be out next year.

They believe that it will be more mature, faster, and more aggressive than the previous one.

“It will be different from the previous one, somewhat more coherent, but still retaining the spirit of Dépit and what we have accomplished together so far.” – says the band.

DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia
DEPIT by Małgorzata Wasilewska Fotografia

As for their future plans, the only confirmed concert so far is the Rock na Bagnie Festival in Goniądz, Poland [30.06-01.07].

After the release of their album, they may be able to play at some other summer festivals in Poland this year or perform a few concerts. They are also hoping for another outing with their pals from Bełkot to play some gigs together like they have done before.

Depit by Family Photography by Olga
Depit by Family Photography by Olga
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