YOUNG AND IN THE WAY to sell a benefit shirt for the wounded fan

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YOUNG AND IN THE WAY will print a special t-shirt with proceeds going towards the medical expenses of Shelbie Pierce, who recently got a serious eye injury at a recent YOUNG AND IN THE WAY show. Here’s the official word from the band:


Benefit shirt for Shelbie Pierce

She sustained a severe eye injury at the SEHC fest after an idiot in the crowd unassociated with the band began throwing stage props into the crowd/at people during YAITWs set. she has multiple types of hemorrhaging, tear to the bruche’s membrane, etc after being hit directly in the eye with one of the props. how much her vision will improve is up in the air right now as it takes weeks for these sort of injuries to healup/determine- either way it has and will continue to involve many visits to doctors/eye specialists to followup and keep a close eye on it (no pun intended).

these shirts are going to be $15 with the option to have it printed with the back or with just the front. In the event she does not need help with the medical expenses, the band and her will work out another group, or organization to donate the money raised to. these will be posted up shortly for pre-order and shipping around November 1st.

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