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YOUNG MOUNTAIN experiment with different moods on new single “Merkurius”

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Sweden’s Young Mountain, a post-hardcore band with strong post-rock influences, has charted a new direction with their latest single, “Merkurius“.

Straying from their established path, they are experimenting with shoegaze and indie influences, a bold move that speaks volumes about their willingness to venture into uncharted territories while avoiding the trap of being ensnared by the past.

In an exclusive commentary for IDIOTEQ, the band shares, “It’s a single that we have been wanting to release for a while now…Sometimes you just want to try something different from the usual sound that you have been rooting yourself in for several years.” The shift in sound bears testimony to the band’s adaptive and explorative nature, a quality that often distinguishes good bands from great ones.

Merkurius” is colored by echoes of early 90’s Swedish indie pop, lending it an air of nostalgia. Yet, beneath its seemingly beautiful exterior lies a poignant narrative. The lyrics, as explained by the band, “might sound pretty until you realize what they really are about. It’s about that feeling when you miss something very much even if it really wasn’t good for you. It’s about letting go of that something and moving on in life.”

The band’s shift towards unexplored sonic territory should not be mistaken as a departure from their original ethos. Young Mountain emphasizes, “With that said, we are still the same band, playing tunes that we want to play, and doing what we feel like at the moment.” This sentiment encapsulates the band’s philosophy, one that prioritizes authenticity and self-expression over popularity.

Indeed, the band recognizes the subjective nature of their craft, acknowledging that, “Some people will like what we do and some won’t.” But for them, the paramount thing is their own fulfillment and staying true to their artistic instincts.

Merkurius” is more than just a single; it’s a testament to Young Mountain’s resilience, adaptability, and refusal to be pigeonholed. As they venture into this new chapter of their musical journey, their dedication to musical exploration and self-expression remains a guiding beacon, illuminating their path forward.

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