SERRATION by Ian Enger
SERRATION by Ian Enger
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Metalcore band SERRATION share new striking track “Shroud Of Gnarled Tongues”, new album coming up on DAZE

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Buckle up, headbangers! Canadian metalcore wrecking crew, Serration, is dropping their fresh LP, Simulations Of Hell, on September 15th, brought to you by the prolific hardcore label DAZE. Teased earlier with their eerie banger “A Suicide Note in Midi Format”, featuring Emma Boster of Dying Wish, the boys are now stoking the fires with a second sneak-peek, the cacophonous “Shroud Of Gnarled Tongues.”

Imagine a mosh pit in audio form, this killer track is a hurricane of Cody Dewald’s throat-shredding howls, colliding with the gnarly, madcap riffs drummed up by Colter James. The relentless drumwork lays down an uneasy vibe, mirrored in the song’s music video – an edgy blend of red, black, and white flashes featuring the band in full throttle.

According to Dewald, “Shroud Of Gnarled Tongues” is a sucker punch to those stone-hearted folks who torch bridges without an ounce of guilt.

“A wickedly heavy slice of metalcore that leans into the tangled stylings of bands like Botch and Zao, while still providing the heart-on-sleeve catchiness of a group like Poison the Well.” – Revolver

From their formation in 2018 and their intent to write “Turmoil Worship”, Serration’s star has been on the rise in the metal and hardcore venues.

They made their mark with the EP, Shrine of Eternal Life, followed by a split with Dying Wish, and then the gut-punching Ease Yourself Back Into Consciousness in 2019. They hit the road with Morality Rate and Wristmeetrazor, and when 2020’s pandemic shut the world down, they kept grinding. Teaming with Wax Vessel, they re-released their EPs and a bonus track on vinyl, producing the compilation, Shrine of Consciousness.

The year 2022 saw them drop another teaser, “Joy Of Creation” through DAZE, and buckle down to pen and record what’s now become Simulations of Hell.

Drawing inspiration from metalcore legends like 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Misery Signals, and flavored with a dash of Y2K era horror video games, this LP delivers a storm of fierce riffs and frantic screams, punctuated by breath-taking interludes. Simulations of Hell promises a rollercoaster ride through themes from mind control to materialistic obsession to soul-deep guilt. The outcome? Eight feverishly intense tracks that further cement Serration’s rep as a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore landscape.

Simulations Of Hell was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Chase at Oodelally Recordings in Kelowna, BC. The album is available for preorder now through DAZE.

Serration is Cody Dewald – Vocals, Jake Braben – Guitar, Jose Flores – Guitar, Matt Wischlinksi – Bass, and Colter James – Drums.

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