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YOUTH CODE – “Consuming Guilt” video

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The video features a cameo from Deafheaven front man George Clarke as one of the surgeons, with the track being taken from the bands fantastic EP ‘A Place To Stand’ which is available now via DIAS Records. You can watch the video below, but please be aware this is not for the faint of heart and contains images that some people may find disturbing.

Youth Code : s/t LP  (3rd Repress) – Limited 500

Repress of the sold-out debut album by Los Angeles wrath-induced EBM outfit Youth Code. Their initial offering unleashes 10 bitter outbursts of dance floor destruction saddling strict BPM worship following the Wax Trax blueprint but stylistically rewriting their unique industrial anthems to a beat all their own.  An explosive cohesion of material to follow up the angst-laden maelstrom of their elusive demo tape and redefined single on Angry Love Productions. While comparisons to the likes of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Ministry are not far off, their hybrid blend with contemporary American hardcore punk makes Youth Code one of the most individual and distinctive electronic acts active today.

Youth Code : A Place to Stand 12” EP  

Youth Code’s latest release, A Place To Stand, is an expression of rage that could only come from Los Angeles. Perfectly capturing the frustration and claustrophobia of the early 80s LA hardcore scene but re-appropriating that aggression and melding it to the strict, pounding electronics of classic industrial. Produced by Josh Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Telefon Tel Aviv, Sons of Magdalene), Side A of A Place to Stand features four new Youth Code tracks that showcase the band exploring an evolved sense of melodic synth work and more varied tempos than anything they have released to date. From the pure adrenal rush of opening track, “Consumed By Guilt” and the Wax Trax-esque dance floor anthem “To Burn Your World” to the lush synthscape melodies of “For I Am Cursed” You can hear Ryan George and Sara Taylor perfectly balancing respect for their elders whilst creating something that’s uniquely their own. Rounding out the Youth Code originals on Side A, “A Litany (A Place To Stand)” figuratively stands out, as it is a spoken-word diatribe on society that encapsulates the feeling of the entire record.

Side B of “A Place to Stand” collects four remixes of earlier Youth Code tracks, from artists as diverse as Corrections House’s Sanford Parker, Sub Pop signed avant rap crew Clipping., industrial / EBM mainstays God Module & the dark and minimal techno mastermind, Silent Servant.  What makes A Place to Stand exceptional is Youth Code’s ability to coax raw, organic emotion out of cold, primitive synths. A trait that stems from the band’s peculiar genesis.

(Matte finish jacket with spot gloss logo overlay! Limited to 100 on Blood Splatter [SOLD OUT], 400 on Marble, and 500 on Clear Bottle Green)

Youth Code : An Overture CD

Coinciding with the release of Youth Code’s new EP, Dais Records  presents a compact disc collection entitled An Overture comprising their four brand new songs off their 12” EP “A Place to Stand”, along with 2013′s incredible hardcore EBM hybid self-titled LP, as well as the breakout single 7” from Angry Love Productions.  Sixteen tracks in total collecting the bands early material leading up to Youth Code’s rise to prominence through industrial music’s underground labyrinth.

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