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Zagreb’s KEVLAR BIKINI channel punk spirit into noise rock with new single & video “Ballerina’s Toes”

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“Ballerina’s Toes” is the first single from KEVLAR BIKINI‘s fourth and upcoming album “OPT-OUTism”, to be released on Geenger Records in May 2020. The well-balanced, multi style song hits streaming services on Friday, 3rd of April, with vinyl pre-order of “OPT-OUTism” already available HERE, and we’re stoked to give you its early listen below!

Ballerina’s Toes is not a song about ballerinas and certainly not a song about toes!”, says the band and unveils the full lyrics for your creative pleasure below.

The song was recorded in Soundcage studio by Marizza and mix/mastered in Chicken Sound Studio by Beli. Camera footage taken by Doringo, video edit and montage done by Nikola Županić and Berta.


Serotonin and dopamine scarce
Blame imbalance of chemicals for faintheartedness
The glass is half full, but half full of piss
No way on earth I can settle, settle for this

Small victory
Big, big loss
Breed apathy
Harden as ballerina’s toes
Desensitized, unaware
But kinda jealous you still care
Small victory
Big, big loss
Hard as ballerina’s toes!

Hold my head down, drown me in happiness
Let bubbles of bliss rise to surface
But the land is dried by the sun, the sun of emptiness
That melts down rocks made of hope, dreams and provisional happiness

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