ZAO’s Scott Mellinger on music piracy

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Scott Mellinger of ZAO has posted a message regarding music piracy.


So I just wanted to write something, a counter if you will to all the music stealing posts I see on people’s walls. First let’s discuss how being a musician Is a privilege, the only reason you get any money in the first place is because of the fans of your music.

Second the percentage of money I’ve gotten from record sales is abysmal so who cares!!! As a band you need to put the utmost care into every aspect of your band if you aren’t releasing things that make people excited and willing to fork over hard earned cash than shame on you as an artist.

For far too long bands have released lame records with lame artwork and even more lame music and then get pissed when people download it for free. Well, the people you complain about are usually your own fans that can’t afford your half assed attempt at a record.

I implore all fans to buy when possible, the tiny bit we see does help but I am just as happy to get my music into people’s hands. If you do your work and make cool packaging and make sure you have merchandise that is awesome and put on shows that are awesome you have nothing to be worried about.

Chastising fans isn’t going to help your cause. This is all coming from a dude that has a normal shit job and has trouble paying his bills sometimes so when I hear it from people, the 1 percent of bands that make a damn good living I just laugh. Thanks for listening to my ramble….SM”

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