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ZEBRAHEAD – “Nudist Priest” video

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ZEBRAHEAD has premiered a new music video for the song “Nudist Priest”.

Official word:

Directed and produced by brothers Arthur & Jake Cauty of highly acclaimed UK production company De Cauze Films, “Nudist Priest” is the latest official music video for Californian punk-rockers Zebrahead. Taken from the band’s 8th studio album Get Nice!, Nudist Priest was voted for by fans as the song they’d most like to see as the next official Zebrahead music video.

The Cauty brothers produced the video on a shoestring budget of just £535 (or $830 US Dollars), after launching a successful crowd funding campaign with IndieGoGo, the World’s leading international funding platform, reaching out to Zebrahead fans across the globe for support. Shot in stunning high definition on the Get Nice! or Die Trying 2011 tour, the Cauty’s video expertly captures the raw power and intensity of the band’s dazzling live act.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Fugazi and Descendents, Zebrahead exploit pop-punk riffs, huge gang-choruses and trademark dual vocal leads in a fusion of punk rock, metal, funk, ska, and rapcore.  Their distinct, hard-hitting sound and vigorous live performances have captivated audiences across the globe, winning them legions of devoted fans the world over.

Directors Arthur and Jake Cauty have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including World record breaking electronic dance duo The Pet Shop Boys, and the larger-than-life wrestlers of the WWE, but Nudist Priest is their first music video for an American recording artist.  Aged just 25 and 23 respectively, the Cauty brothers are already establishing themselves as two of the finest young talents in the UK’s independent film and video production industries.

For more information on the Cauty brothers and De Cauze Films, please go to, or email [email protected].

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