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10 songs to put you in a Bad Mood, with NOSEDIVE

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Bad Mood’, the newest jam from Wollongong hardcore infused metal band NOSEDIVE is a melancholic introspection on depressive episodes, with haunting guitar solos and rabid vocals which pull you down into a concoction of seething anger and misery. To celebrate, we have teamed up with the gang to give you their 

Vocalist Josh Hanns explains, “The track was really an attempt to explain that feeling deep down in your gut when things just aren’t going your way, is it anger or sadness? You start digging a hole and before you know it you can’t see a way out of the mood you’re in. It came from having our plans in 2020 ruined and needing to find an alternative for our creative output. Everything was so uncertain it really put us all in a funk. Bad Mood is the product of that feeling”

Nosedive have an eclectic live music background, playing with artists ranging from Death Metal to EDM and Rappers. You can catch them live at one of their upcoming shows – Sunday 9th May at Frankies Pizza, Friday 14th May at La La La’s Wollongong and on Wednesday 9th June at Diamond Dogs in Dapto!


Nosedive are a Hardcore / Metal band located south of Sydney, NSW. Comprised of Josh [Vocals] Marcus [Lead] Jesse [Rhythm] Jack [Bass] and Jake [Drums] they draw inspiration from bands such as Power Trip and Mammoth Grinder, bringing the sound of Texas to the South Coast of Australia. Releasing their 2019 debut EP, ‘Original Agony’, they crashed into the Wollongong music scene playing small bars, clubs, warehouses and art spaces, supporting acts ranging Deathcore to EDM, including A Night in Texas, Moonbase, HOON, and Day by Day on the Wollongong leg of their Australian tour.

In early 2020, through Best Wish Records Nosedive released, ‘Murder Minded/Nice Way to Die’, a two track demo highlighting the duality of Nosedive with Murder Minded serving up fast riffs and Nice Way to Die slowing it down to an agonizing crawl.

Nosedive’s ‘Bad Mood’ is out on April 23rd through Best Wishes Records.

10 songs to put you in a Bad Mood with Nosedive:

1. The Thing That Should Not Be – Metallica

The intro acoustic of this absolute classic track creates such a contrast that when the riff hits it instantly puts me into a bad mood. I can’t help but have a scowl on my face when this comes on.

2. I Saw The End – Pallbearer

Everytime I hear this song it fills me with dread and awe. Paired with the video clip it makes me feel tiny in a vast world.

3. Shot In The Head – Weekend Nachos

I used to play this song on repeat on the school bus. It puts me in a bad mood because it reminds me of my angsty years.

4. Aggressive Evolution – Loathe

Ah, It’s just the riffs really.

5. Redneck Stomp- Obituary

How good can a riff be? This will send you a million years back in time where you will emerge as a Neanderthal. What puts me in a bad mood is the first time I heard this song I was waiting for vocals to come in… It’s instrumental.

6. Moral Crux – Mammoth Grinder

The song presents an unknown moral dilemma but it still resonates with me. I can’t help but aggressively point my finger and sing along ‘But It’s never enough!’ when i’m listening in the car. It just gets me mad.

7. Zeitgeist – Incendiary

The line “The generation of hopelessness is here” says it all for me. Taking a look at the state of the world. What’s more depressing?

8. Mandatory Suicide – Slayer

The imagery of massacre this song presents is depressing but is is delivered through classic Slayer riffs and solos. A great track but always leaves me feelings melancholic after the spoken word section.

9. Flamethrower – Gatecreeper

This is just really heavy. Who would be happy listening to this?

10. Path of The Coward – Blistered

This song gets my blood boiling, it’s crushing and aggressive. Just the kind of thing to make you want to break stuff.

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