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11 noteworty alternative rock acts from Brighton – Honeybadger discuss local scene, influences and plans for 2023

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Brighton-based rock band Honeybadger has just released their latest single, “Cold Wind.” The trio, known for their “gutter psychedelia/grunge” sound, has delivered a fast and gritty song with a full-on tremolo-heavy break.

The band, consisting of two brothers Joe and Eddy and their school friend Luca, has been making waves in the U.K. music scene with their unique blend of punk and grunge influences.

Their latest track is described as high-energy and explosive, featuring powerful vocals and explosive guitar riffs. The dynamic and raw talent in the three-and-a-half-minute song creates a rush of energy that can be compared to early Arctic Monkeys. Honeybadger’s “Cold Wind” is a perfect showcase of their unique style and creative talent.

Cold Wind” was premiered on BBC Live Lounge on January 26th and is now available on all streaming platforms. The band’s success has also led to performances on BBC Introducing, Wyatt Wendell’s “The New Rock Show” on Planet Rock, and other popular music shows. With their raw talent and dynamic sound, Honeybadger is poised to continue making a name for themselves in the music industry.

Following this latest release, Honeybadger have been straight back in the studio recording another run of three singles (Wakka, Back Home, Spell It Out) which will probably be the singles released in the lead up to their album scheduled to be recorded July-time and put out in the autumn.

To celebrate, we have teamed up with the band to give you two playlists (11 tracks each), one showcasing young local talent from their scene in Beighton and one showing Honeybadger’s influences!

Let’s dive into it.

HOneybadger by @bigbearphotographybrighton
Honeybadger by @bigbearphotographybrighton

Everyone knows that Brighton has a very established music scene throughout the city, but Honeybadger is privileged to be a part of a very young emerging alternative guitar music scene.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that we know all the bands on our local scene playlist personally and that this scene has built up such a nice community of young like minded musicians predominantly under the age of 22.” – says the band.

“As you’ll hear from our playlist, the quality of the bands in the scene is top draw! Although we all play across the city the main HQ of the scene is the Green Door Store. The Green Door Store is a venue tucked away behind Brighton Station. It’s such a great venue for artists as well as punters, this is because most band nights they put on are free entry (cost of living friendly) and on top of this, they alway look after their artists and will pay them fairly even on free entry nights.

1) Mindframe

These boys are probably some of the most talented musicians about. Flirting with punk, shoegaze and math rock, they are a genre defying force.

2) Zap Euphoria

Zap are a complex mixture of dirty guitar, crazy time signatures and changes, Spoken word. A sonic melting pot of four decades worth of the best rock and roll influence.

3) HotWax

A fusion of punk, funk, and psych rock make up this exciting three piece. Their new Single “Treasure” is top notch and has been picked up by all the national radios

4) Monakis

Godfathers of the scene! Monakis are a great grunge punk band just returned from their successful UK tour. Known around the scene for looking out for the youngers.

5) City Dog

Honeybadger and City Dog go way back! All the way back to the music rooms at secondary school. Proper punk credentials, these boys could get a pit going in a library

Honeybadger live by @punkinfocus
Honeybadger live by @punkinfocus

6) Honeybadger

Gutter Psychedelia from Brighton

7) Electric Cowboy Club

If Iggy and The Cramps had a baby it would be these boys. Unmatched live energy, We’ve seen them loads but the highlight for us was seeing them opening support on a Monday night at the Prince Albert and blowing the roof .

8) Bones Ate Arfa

Solo Project of multi instrumentalist Arthur Wilson (Drummer from Zap euphoria), recently put out his first single under the name “Bones Ate Arfa”. Really interesting mix of punk and psych rock all recorded and produced himself.

9) Body Bag

Brighton Kings of Hardcore, Bodybag are guaranteed to put on a great show, however, if you are planning on seeing them be sure to bring a crash helmet and a first aid kit.

10) Nova

Solid indie credentials, These boys bring some class to the scene.

11) Play Dead

Honorary members of the scene as these boys are based in London. However, they never fail to tear up The Green Door Store when they come down!


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