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Horrorpunks THE SPAULDINGS unveil charismatic debut album “Tie the Knot”

The Spauldings, a ghostly musical troupe renowned for their spine-chilling harmonies and eerie verses, have recently unveiled their debut album “Tie The Knot”. This record highlights the group’s characteristic fusion of punk rock, horror motifs, and disquieting rhythms that inspire movement.

“We wanted to create an album that would take our fans on a journey through a dark and twisted world,” said the band’s lead vocalist, Mike Mortis. “We were inspired by classic horror movies and wanted to bring that same sense of terror to our music.”

Teased back in November, the album is finally out in its entirety! It features twelve tracks, including the lead single “Losers Club“, a high-energy punk rock anthem with catchy hooks and a sing-along chorus.

“Tie the Knot” is the band’s first full-length album. It is available now on all major streaming platforms as well as on vinyl in purple (limited to 100) and black (limited to 200). For more information on The Spauldings and their new album “Tie the Knot”, visit them on Instagram.

The band is also featured on the newest mega compilation from We Are Horror Records dubbed “Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol. 2”. We gave it a closer look at this location.

Horrorpunks THE SPAULDINGS unveil charismatic debut album “Tie the Knot”
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