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2023 Noisy Favorites & Molly Horses’ decoding LA’s underground pulse

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Molly Horses, a post punk convergence of east coast talents from FonFon Ru and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, debuts with a cacophony of raw energy and unbridled creativity in their singleBeatty”. Their sound, a vibrant and unruly echo of their post-punk predecessors, is an audacious march through the dissonant realms of noise-punk.

Beatty” comes as an anarchic narrative, embracing the mundane chaos of auto maintenance blunders, the drudgery of teenage labor, the simple pleasures of frozen treats, and the unyielding discomfort of aging.

The story behind it illustrates an anxiety rooted in the certainty of an unsettling future, a portrayal vividly realized in the relentless, jagged rhythms and piercing walls of noise that define the track.

The rawness of Molly Horses’ sound reflects the band’s DIY ethos. Each note, each lyric, each layer of sound is a testament to their hands-on approach, affirming their creative sovereignty. This is especially evident in “Beatty“, self-recorded and mixed, a testament to the members’ film audio engineering backgrounds, which lends a polished sheen to their otherwise gritty debut.

As we await the full-length album, Molly Horses have graciously shared their eclectic musical influences and current favorites, providing a window into the diverse sounds that resonate with them.

Cormac Brown (guitar):

Godflesh “PURGE”

New Godflesh is always exciting. Feels like good timing for this release with their blend of hip-hop beats over sledgehammer guitars while Nu-metal is getting its triumphant return (and I’m here for it!) They’ve always stayed true to their sound and managed to consistently put out engaging releases all these years, feels like a familiar blanket.

McKinley Dixon “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?”

Hip-hop gets a phil spector-esque wall-of-sound treatment, peppered with gorgeous string arrangements and – alternatively – dabs of gritty illbient beats. Just all around beautifully made album that tickles my lil producer brain.

The Shits “You’re A Mess”

I’m always a sucker for punks that count past 4 and slap on a chorus pedal once in a while . This album is a certified groover while still remaining loose and desperate. Straightforward, heavy, merciless, and dripping with feedback, I’m easy to please in that regard.

Model/Actriz “Dogsbody”

Some real nice noise in here. All that industrial clanging. It’s rare anything sounds so dangerous outside of just lyrical content (which in this case is hypersexual and opulent, maybe dangerous to some lol) and still remains danceable. We’re all here to dance the pain away, right?

Harry James (vocals/guitar):

Do Nothing “Snake Sideways”

Filling the void with dramatic, theater-like vocals and wild guitar lines, it’s a less intense but equally captivating evolution from their previous work.

Viagra Boys “Cave World (Deluxe)”

A beloved 2022 release, now extended with additional tracks that epitomize the band’s prowess in crafting somber, post-party ballads.

Molly Horses’ journey through the post-punk spectrum is not just a mere list of favorites. It is a reflection of their own identity – raw, eclectic, and ever-evolving. Their debut single “Beatty” and the subsequent album to follow promise to be a fascinating addition to the Los Angeles noise-punk scene, resonating with the gritty spirit and diverse influences of this unique band. Stay tuned for what promises to be an enthralling auditory adventure.

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