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Traversing the cinematic post rock landscape of MMTH’s ‘Infinite Heights’

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In the realm of instrumental narratives, MMTH, a quartet from Germany’s North Sea coast, presents their second album, “Infinite Heights,” as a solid testament to the evolving dialogues of post-rock and shoegaze. Released just two months ago, this album not only continues but also refines the journey they embarked on with their startling debut, ‘Paternoster,’ in 2017.

Infinite Heights,” self-produced and engineered by drummer Hanno Janßen, emerges as a bold articulation of MMTH’s distinct sonic identity, deviating from the often overwrought tropes of classic post-rock.

They tread a path that’s groovier, more rock-oriented, and less reliant on cinematic grandeur. The departure of guitarist Persh and the inclusion of Büch has not diluted their essence but rather infused new dynamics into their sound, a blend of dreamy melodies and unadorned riffs.

Instrumental rock, as MMTH prefers to term their genre, finds a robust expression in this album.

The band’s collaborative efforts with labels like A THOUSAND ARMS (US), A CHEERY WAVE (UK), and DE MIST RECORDS (NL) have culminated in a 31-minute sonic journey, encompassing six tracks that each tell a story without uttering a single word.

MMTH’s “Infinite Heights” comes as a conversation without words, a journey without a map.

It’s an invitation to explore the nuanced intersections of sound and silence, of melody and rhythm.

Infinite Heights” sounds like the end of a new beginning, a harmonious blend of past influences and future possibilities, and a bold step in MMTH’s ever-evolving musical odyssey.

Today, we’re inviting you to dive into the details of each and every track, through a special song by song breakdown from the band.

Track by Track commentary:

01. Trigger (Bernd Frikke)

All the other tracks for Infinite Heights have been ready a while back and we also played them live before starting to record them in 2021. But Trigger was written by our former guitarist Carlo, when we were in search of a good album opener. When he first sent us a demo of it, I immediately knew that this would be great track and fit very well as an introduction of our second full length after six years.


02. Relais (Patrick Büch)

At the beginning a rearing tightening before the switch is flipped: ‚Relais’ is a riff- and rhythm-laden discovery of a galaxy of sound that almost explodes full of different gravitational forces and temperatures. The poles set on the debut album are pushed even further apart. It’s about longing and hope, frustration and redemption. ‚Relais’ is a song where you suddenly realize that your own stream of thought is moving inside and outside of your own self. Individual parts are destroyed just to be reassembled again. Alternative rock and heavygaze atmosphere meet here to reconcile in an embracing melody towards the end – so that hope prevails in the end.

03. Altérité (Jan R. Haneborger)

The future is the present past and all long for a time and a place where no one shipwrecks anymore, everyone is recognized as is in a world with a whole lotta different realities where there is no difference anymore. A fluttering wave of moving synth thesis is wrapping around my ears: takes me out on journey. The lifeboat is safe.

04. Muscle Memory (Hanno Janßen)

The riffing of this track is getting tamed by some weird straightness that every part hast to it. Some moments in it feel almost like a pop song that is trying to get through. Just before this can actually happen the whole thing gets burned down. Probably my favourite…


05. Dark Sun (Bernd Frikke)

Dark Sun is based on an idea of our guitar player Jan Reno. Due to it’s short length we used it in our live set as an interlude. At first we didn’t think about having it on the album, but after a rework from Hanno who added more and more layers and some sound design we knew it might be the perfect bridge between Muscle Memory and Sampras.

MMTH live by Grusy - Dein musikalisches Wohnzimmer
MMTH live by Grusy – Dein musikalisches Wohnzimmer

06. Sampras (Patrick Büch)

Is it about Pete? For sure but not the way you think it used to be. Melodic and at the same time melancholic the song builds up an airy beat and wears it all clear as euphoria sets it`s sails and points out the final curtain for the song. A story already been told continues and you ask yourself: “Is there anything more to come? Yes, there is!”

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