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4 Important Things You Need To Remember When Planning An Event

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters
In the course of our lives, we will have many reasons to plan events. It can be little ones like a small party with friends or a game night, and it can also be large events like a baby shower or a wedding. No matter the size of the event, planning is necessary for its success.

Events are also important in our careers, we have end-of-year parties, product launch parties, promotion parties and sometimes we are given the responsibility of planning these events. If done well, they can become stepping stones to higher levels and better compensation and if done badly it will most likely be a stain on your time at the job.

A good way to plan a great event is to zero in on the purpose of your event. Many times we have vague ideas and end up planning in the wrong direction, bringing the wrong type of entertainment, the wrong mood, and generally putting people off the party. Knowing the purpose of your party will guide you to the best way to plan it, the target audience, and the overall logistics of the party.

In this guide, you will find out four important things you should know and remember before planning an event. This will serve as a guide to planning an event that will be a hit among your friends and colleagues.

The Goal Of Your Event

This is the most important thing you should remember when planning an event. If you are planning the event for someone, you and the person need to have a meeting or even a series of meetings about the goal of the event. Many times, we can be carried away by the many options and sparkling details of events that we lose sight of the aim of the event.

If it’s a baby shower, you would want everything to centre around the mother and the arriving child as this is good for small events, if it’s a corporate event you want to know if you’re trying to build awareness around a particular brand or topic or if you are trying to butter up investors for a particular project. These are important details you have to get and remember before you even start planning and while you are planning the party so you don’t lose sight of the goal.

Put Your Spin

This is a major way to put your mark on events you plan and make them stand out. People attend many events and they tend to be mostly forgettable because of the repeated activities and entertainment put in almost all of them. This is where your own spin comes in.

You want to keep attendees interested and wowed while also staying within the theme and goal of the event. The baby shower can have creative games and baby-themed refreshments, the birthday party can involve a treasure hunt based on facts about the celebrant. These things will keep your event separate from the rest as people will keep on talking about it and even use it as a reference for their events.

How Much Money Do You Want To Spend

This is also another important thing you need to remember while you plan your event. Money is a huge factor in every decision made and you don’t want to go over budget especially for events that you are planning for people.

Spread your spending over all the categories as you don’t want to spend all your money on decorations and then the guests have nothing to eat. If it is a corporate event or a major one you can look into getting sponsors to cover huge costs. Staying within budget and planning a great event is possible, you just have to be creative.

Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash

Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash

Who Is The Audience

This is something you should consider at every stage of your planning. It will dictate almost everything you do while planning as every audience requires different methods. It will also dictate the kind of entertainment you will get for the event as not all forms of entertainment are appropriate for every event, you don’t want to bring a striptease show for an office event.

Whoever you hire must be in line with the audience you are hosting, you are allowed to take some risks but not anything that will make them uncomfortable or even worse, bored.

These are just some crucial things you must know while you plan your event. You should also consider the people helping you plan this party and those who will help during the event itself.

4 Important Things You Need To Remember When Planning An Event
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