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Popular Musicians and Bands That Have Reunited After a Long Hiatus

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Seeing the news about the hiatus of a musician or band is a big shock for all their fans. We used to think that all breaks imply the end of the performer’s history. However, it’s necessary to get rid of this pattern of thinking. Being a musician is hard work that does not always pay off, and musicians can also get tired and want to rest. We must understand that bands and performers need extra support in such moments. Instead, all fans are distressed and start writing negative comments. It’s necessary to draw a parallel to our life.

Musicians work hard every day, just like we do. Writing and recording songs, performing on stage is as exhausting and difficult as going to work and spending time doing assignments in college. But students can visit the cause and effect essays writing service and order the argumentative essay, admission essay, or any other types of paper that are difficult for them. Even those who study technical subjects but have problems completing assignments may get mathematics paper examples and do any paper fast. Unfortunately, musicians can’t ask someone to record a song instead of them. Well, it’s time to find out what bands successfully survived a hiatus and managed to continue pleasing fans with high-quality music.

1. Destiny’s Child

No person doesn’t know this amazing girl band from America. One girl from Destiny’s Child became a world-famous star subsequently, but it doesn’t mean we should forget this career stage. This girl is Beyonce Knowles. The other members of Destiny’s Child are Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. The band emerged in 1990 in Houston as Girl’s Tyme. They have been performing successfully since the very start of their career, releasing tracks that became hits, such as “Survivor,” “Independent Woman,” “Say My Name,” but announced a hiatus in 2001. They did it not because of the desire to pursue solo careers. Then, two years later, they reunited to make all fans happy, and during this period, Destiny’s Child released a final album. In 2006 Destiny’s Child stopped existing, but in 2013 girls gathered together at Super Bowl to sing a few old hits.

2. Blink-182

These boys perform pop-punk, punk rock, alternative rock, and skate rock songs, so people with such music preferences have certainly heard something about this group. The group was established in 1992, and it was so long ago. The current line-up of Blink-182 consists of Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba, and Travis Barker, but initially, it was founded by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Scott Raynor. They announced a hiatus in 2005 due to unclear plans for the future. The guitarist decided to leave the band and had an argument with other members, so no one knew whether this hiatus would end or not. However, after four years, Blink-182 visited the Grammy Awards together. The audience quickly realized that it was a reunion, and the talks about the forthcoming tour proved the fans’ assumptions.

3. Fall Out Boy

“Centuries,” “Immortals,” “Champion,” and “Uma Turman” are among the most famous hits of this band. Fall Out Boy was created by Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, Pete Wentz, and Joe Trohman in 2001 in the Chicago suburbs. The wide audience found out about the hiatus in 2009, after the show at Madison Square Garden. Hurley was in depression, Wentz abused drugs, and other members had problems either in personal life or in creative work. It was a difficult time for all of them: participants tried to participate in various side projects or start new ones during the hiatus in search of inspiration. In 2013, Wentz and Stump met after several years of the break and decided that they all needed a reunion. They recreated the genuine group’s sound all fans like and continue performing even now.

4. The Who

This British rock group was formed in 1964 in London and is still considered one of the most important bands in music history. They managed to gain popularity due to the extraordinary performances, gathering thousands of people; members always broke their instruments at the end of the show. Their hiatus started in 1982 after the final tour. Plenty of events made The Who announce it. The Who concert disaster where 11 people died in a rush, the alcohol abuse of Pete Townsend, and other aspects became the reasons for a creative crisis. Participants were working on other projects for some time until they performed together in 1985 and announced a tour in 1989.

5. No Doubt

This case is worth being mentioned since No Doubt has survived two hiatuses. We consider it a good example for other bands that break up for minor reasons. Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young, and Tony Kanal started their band in 1986 and released the debut album six years after the formation. It proved unsuccessful, but it didn’t stop the musicians. As a result, the next album was well received. The first hiatus occurred in 2004 due to Gwen’s desire to work on solo material. Other musicians in this group did the same. No Doubt reunited in 2009, and 2013 was the year of the second hiatus. Stefani and other members stated they didn’t have any plans for the future. However, according to some sources, they work on new material to release it soon.

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