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Crushing metalcore band THE AIR I BREATHE returns with new single “CUT”

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Within the vast expanse of metalcore’s past, some bands leave faint imprints, hinting at once vibrant existences. The Air I Breathe, known in hushed tones as TAIB, is one such elusive specter.

In the fading light of 2008, TAIB materialized, a collective comprising Tony Dougard, Greg Diamond, Cameron Baptista, Colin Klika, and Jesse Butler. Their initial foray into the world was marked by their 2010 EP “Anathema.” This endeavor paved the way for a partnership with Velocity / Rise Records and the eventual release of their debut album, “Great Faith In Fools,” in 2011. Yet, like a fleeting shadow, they vanished post a farewell tour in 2013.

Almost a decade later, in 2021, murmurs began to circulate. TAIB, it seemed, had stirred from their slumber, gifting the world with a 2021 single titled “Nothing Feels Sound.

Today, the band shared their crushing new track “CUT!” and it’s available for streaming now!

The new track emerges as a salvation for many eager fans who are deeply experiencing this comeback.

The emotional weight and anticipation surrounding TAIB’s resurgence is palpable. Rumors are already swirling, suggesting that details about a new album may soon be unveiled, further fueling the excitement.

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