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Nashville post punks PALM GHOSTS premiere “Automatic For The Modern Age”, a melodic reckoning of identity

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In a world filled with preordained identities and societal expectations, Nashville’s very own Palm Ghosts defy the conventional narrative with their evocative track, “Automatic For The Modern Age.” Set to be a cornerstone of their much-anticipated LP, I Love You, Burn In Hell, releasing this November, this song echoes the sentiments of resisting predetermined roles and carving out one’s own destiny.

As Joseph Lekkas, the driving force behind the band, puts it, the track revolves around “being told who you are in today’s world and trying to buck any system’s assessment of your potential.”

This band, far removed from the country beats that Nashville is renowned for, imbibes influences ranging from the gloomy Mancunian rain to the turbulent winds of Berlin. Their sound, reminiscent of an ’80s prom juxtaposed against a war zone backdrop, is a testament to their unique approach to music.

Palm Ghosts

Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like New Order, The Cure, and Peter Gabriel, Palm Ghosts have, over the years, curated a soundscape that pays homage to the ’80s while infusing it with a contemporary spirit.

From their 2018 release Architecture, which brought forth the haunting vibes of 4AD and Factory Records, to their more recent Lifeboat Candidate, influenced by the distinct art punk of Gang of Four and Wire, Palm Ghosts have consistently pushed boundaries and defied expectations.

Their upcoming LP, I Love You, Burn in Hell, promises to be an exploration of modern disillusionment. It’s a call to confront the challenges of the contemporary world, all while swaying to catchy melodies and foot-tapping rhythms. As they aptly put it, “The world is ending, for god’s sake. Get on the dance floor!”

Palm Ghosts

The album, recorded at Greenland Studios in Nashville and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Mastering, promises to be a melodic journey that reflects the band’s ethos and musical evolution.

And for those eager to experience the magic of Palm Ghosts live, they have a lineup of shows scheduled, kicking off with a performance at The 5 Spot in Nashville on November 9.

Thursday, November 9 @ 7:00PM w/ Unwed Sailor at The 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
Friday, November 10 @ 7:00PM w/ Keowee Reload at South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH
Wednesday, November 15 @ 6:00PM w/ TBA at The 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
Wednesday, November 22 @ 6:00PM w/ Cold Equations at The 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
Wednesday, November 29 @ 6:00PM w/ Cassette Stress at The 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
Thursday, November 30 @ 7:00PM w/ TBA at Exile, Chattanooga, TN
Wednesday, December 6 @ 7:00PM w/ Bruschetta Delorean at The Odd, Asheville, NC
Thursday, December 7 @ 7:00PM w/ TBA at New World Brewery, Tampa, FL
Friday, December 8 @ 7:00PM w/ TBA at Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL

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