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6 Activities to Do Whilst Listening to Music     

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Whether you listen to music via Spotify or a vinyl record player, the truth is that, sometimes, music on its own can lose its luster depending on what mood you’re in. However, fear not, for this handy guide has a list of six entertaining activities for you to do while your favorite tunes are playing to help you maximize your enjoyment.

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1. Play Online Games

These days, most people play video games whilst listening to music at the same time. After all, gaming and music complement each other perfectly – plus, music doesn’t cause any distraction! So, rather than doing nothing when listening to music, why not give some online games a try?

In today’s gaming realms, there are thousands of different titles to choose from, so you’re essentially spoilt for choice. Particularly, the online gaming landscape is one that’s seen tremendous growth in recent years, especially the online casino scene, which has become one of the most popular niches of online gaming.

If you don’t know where to begin, sites like and the casinos they offer are easy places to get started. Overall, online casino games provide an exciting experience for players while they’re listening to music, which can make their downtime much more enjoyable.

In addition to online casino classics, you should also consider much-loved mobile gaming favorites, such as:

• Battle royale games
• RPG games
• Puzzle games

If you’re a ‘brainy’ type of person who likes a challenge, puzzle games like Wordle are perfect for you!

2. Head to the Gym

A gym is an ideal place to listen to music and do some exercise at the same time. In fact, it’s rare to visit any gym nowadays without seeing 90% of the people there wearing earphones – after all, music makes exercising a lot less boring.

If you don’t feel like paying for a gym membership, that’s not a problem. Instead, you can work out at home from the comfort of your living room or bedroom – wherever there’s more space. Just load up YouTube, select a home workout video, and follow the instructions – simple!

3. Go for a Walk

Going for regular walks is great for your physical and mental health. Naturally, when you throw some music into the equation, this makes walking even more relaxing – especially over long distances. Whether it’s a short walk around your neighborhood or a long walk in the countryside, make sure to take your earphones with you!

Photo by Cottonbro
Photo by Cottonbro

4. Complete Errands Around Your House

Have you got a list of errands you need to do around your house? Maybe the kitchen needs painting, or perhaps your car needs to be washed? Whatever the case may be, you should use music to make doing your chores a little more bearable – and, more importantly, fun!

5. Call a Friend

If you have a friend who’s a big music fan, you should call each other to get up-to-date on what you’ve both been listening to. During the call, you can share playlists and provide each other with recommendations to try during the rest of the week. For instance, you might have recently discovered a new album that you really love, which your buddy might also like as well.

6. Do Some Online Shopping

Finally, if none of the suggestions above appeal to you, you can do some online shopping – everyone enjoys that! While browsing sites like Amazon and eBay, stick some music on in the background to make your spree more fun or relaxing.
Plus, when you’re overwhelmed with all the different items on sale, music will help you stay focused and make some smart buys.

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