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9 Oklahoma hardcore bands worth a check – sludgy hardcore band GRANDPA VERN share cool playlist, teasing new EP

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One week ahead of the upcoming new single release from Oklahoma City hardcore band GRANDPA VERN, we have teamed up with them to give you their special playlist of 9 wicked, underrated Oklahoma bands worth a check!

Slated for a December 7th release, “Who Do I Serve?” is a heavy song with introspective lyrics, and marks the final ingle before the band’s debut EP, coming up in Spring 2023.

Grandpa Vern started out as a solo project by Brandon Ross in high school. As Brandon grew up they became increasingly interested in the punk and hardcore scene. Soon after Preston, Jack, and Griff joined the band, that heavy sound was solidified.

Grandpa Vern is a heavy sludgy punk band contrasted with introspective lyrics, dealing with subjects like mental health, loss, and police brutality.

Grandpa Vern

The band sat down with us to give you a special playlist that exemplifies the awesome stuff Oklahoma has right now going on in music.

Inferna: Rage Demon

Brandon (Vocals): “Inferna has some of the most killer tunes. The people in the band are so kind, their conviction to the scene is insane. They are some real Veterans of the okc punk scene.They inspire me a lot lyrically I love how progressive they are.”

Peeling flesh: Ax to the face

Jack (Bass): “Peeling Flesh is one of the sickest, most brutal slamming death metal bands right now in the game. We are so proud they are from okc.”

Primal brain: cheap dreams

Brandon (Vocals): “This might be my favorite track on the list. It makes me want to lose my shit every time when everything drops out except the kick drum and the vocals. It’s such a sick ass punk track. They are also great to see live. Killer group.”

The tooth: body and mind

Preston (Drums): “I love this a lot. I really look up to them. They don’t sound like anyone else I have ever heard.”

Free for all: release

Griff (Guitar): “They are that classic hardcore sound that is so groovy and heavy.”

Chat pile: tropical beaches inc.

Brandon (Vocals): Chat Pile is straight up exploding on the alt music scene right now and it’s so well deserved if anything they are under rated. Nobody is doing what chatpile does. Their sound, the stage presence, it’s all unique. Their lyrics are so haunting they really stick with you. They still bring the crazy heavy riffs on top of that. There’s something sensitive to their music even though it’s brutal and honest, it lacks any sense of toxic Masculine Macheesmo that turns me off of a lot of heavy music. They are such great people and deserve the success they are getting right now I love it”

Otis VCR : STD

Brandon (Vocals): “Nobody has energy like the vocalist from Otis , John’s energy is unmatched.”

Tar Creek: nothing last forever

Brandon (Vocals): “We are great friends with Tar Creek they are a kick ass hardcore band. I am really drawn to this track by the vocals. Aston the vocalist has insane range.”

Sledge: eyes tape the shape of stars

Jack love: “I love the lyrics in this song are so are so sick “

Preston: ”yeah the drummer has such a unique style “

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