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A brief update from THE DEAD FORMATS

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Here’s an exclusive update, a short interview I recently done with British new wave powerpop indie punk’n’rollers THE DEAD FORMATS, who have just completed a live session at BBC’s Maida Vale studios due to go out around the end of April via Mike Davies’ BBC Punk Show on Radio 1 to co-inside with their London show supporting SONIC BOOM SIX on May 1st and European album release (April 29th).


Hey, guys! What’s up? How have you been doing lately?

Not bad mate, thank you. Just been sorting out some merch and the painting of my leather jacket for May’s tour with the computers.

Cool. [smiles]

There are dozens of amazing reviews of your 2012’s album “At Sixes And Sevens”. Were you nervous about how it would be received beforehand? How do you feel about the outing at the moment?

I don’t know about nervous, we were definitely expecting someone to say something negative about it though, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t of felt good. So I guess anxious for that, but nervous, no. Plus almost unbelievably I haven’t actually read a bad one yet. We were proud of what we had done for us and whoever else liked it, if you don’t, then none of it is there to offend you, just forget it and go listen to something else.

Can you educe the ingredients that made it so fresh and successful?

Equal parts of punk attitude and pop sensibilities, then add two singers?! [laughs] … I don’t know dude. Maybe honesty I guess?

Shit, and I wanted to copy you guys so bad … [smiles]

In one of your early interviews you stated that you are “an honest band and will always go out to write songs that stay true to things that you have experienced in your lives”. Do you have some ideas that may be foundation for your new lyrical content?

Well I’ve just become a father so I think it would be safe to assume there may be something about worries for future generations, however I think we wanna do some more obvious poppy sort of songs. “Hey little girl… I wanna be your boyfriend” know what I mean?

Yup. And you did it.


There’s a lot of soul, ska and post punk feel to your music. Which ingredients of this melting pot do you enjoy the most?

We all bring our own influences to the table and take what we need from the songs. I don’t think I could really choose one particular part of it, it doesn’t really work like that does it?

The British scene is characterized by intense activity and high influence. What musical influences from outside the UK do affect you as a band?

We are definitely influenced by a lot of UK bands but then these bands were more than likely influenced by American artists. I love the sound of real 50’s rock and roll or 60s garage rock and psych. Our guitarist Glenn loves some way out stuff I don’t even know where it’s from, we are pretty open minded.

How do you feel the Essex rock scene has evolved over the years? How do you participate in your local punk rock community? How are you involved?

Devolved more like… In the time we’ve been together nearly every local venue we’ve played at has closed down. If I’m honest though I wouldn’t say that we’re particularly involved in any kind of local scene, I’m 30 and the rest aren’t too far behind so we don’t really do things like we did at 19. I’m guessing times have kind of changed now though haven’t they? The scene that were involved in is more across the country. The UK music scene?


Are you mod punks? [smiles] They say that mods are in the punk scene, but not necessarily punks. How punk are you? What does it mean to be a punk band at heart for you guys?

For me mate punks an attitude not a leather jacket or a haircut, and what even is a punk band these days anyway? GREEN DAY?! I dunno man, what even is a mod punk? And who knows whether he’s really punk or not? It’s a bit of a social minefield don’t you think? I don’t really it.

Yeah, I’m just messin with ya, hopin’ you’re not the one who made up this fuckin’ stupid label. [smiles]

Ok, so where can we see you performing live? You have one London gig scheduled for May 1st. Is this it? What are your touring plans for the coming weeks? 

Nah man we got another London show a week later then were on tour round the UK bout a week or so after that. Gonna be some good times, can’t wait to get out and start ripping things up.

What else should we look forward to next from THE DEAD FORMATS?

Killer shows, live session on radio 1, sweet merch and hopefully another video.

Thanks so much for your time! Feel free to add a line or two about something I might forget? 

No worries dude… Any time. Check out our website for all the latest news and updates! Take it easy.

THE DEAD FORMATS official website

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