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A convergence of grief, change, and atmospheric rock experiment: listen to HEY CHROMA’s ‘Thunderstorm in Your Room’

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HEY CHROMA by @cameron_flaisch_photography
HEY CHROMA by @cameron_flaisch_photography

After bathing audiences in enveloping sound and light, Roma, Georgia-based band HEY CHROMA have recently released their new single Thunderstorm In Your Room”, and today we’re stoked to recommend this fine piece for your listening pleasure.

The alternative semi-ambient rock band subtly infuses elements of post-rock and shoegaze into their music, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sigur Rós, This Will Destroy You, and My Bloody Valentine. Their lyrics poignantly reflect personal narratives of loss, loneliness, and eventual growth, creating a resonant and immersive sonic experience.

The new single delves into a deeply personal narrative of loss, moving forward, and the jarring confrontation of change.

According to HEY CHROMA’s frontman, Richie Heyward, the song explores the emotional turmoil he experienced when he discovered that his childhood home, filled with memories of his late father, had been abruptly occupied by strangers.

“Thunderstorm In Your Room” is an emotional and musical journey, mirroring the swirl and crash of a thunderstorm with its innovative guitar tones and sounds.

The band’s transition towards a more post-rock and shoegaze-infused tonality is perfectly captured in this new track. Interestingly, the band members had never actually played the song as a full unit until after its recording, each having a clear idea of their part and the overall song’s direction.

HEY CHROMA by @cameron_flaisch_photography
HEY CHROMA by @cameron_flaisch_photography

With “Thunderstorm In Your Room”, HEY CHROMA takes a step towards transforming their sound, while simultaneously sharing a deeply personal narrative about coping with change and navigating grief. As they continue to innovate and experiment within their genre, listeners eagerly anticipate what’s next from this dynamic group.

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