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UNITYTX blend rap and hardcore in new single “ROC SH!T”

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UnityTX, a fusion band of hardcore and hip-hop, pierce through the silence with their latest announcement. Their new album ‘FERALITY‘, with a release date set for September 8 through Pure Noise Records, promises to pack a punch. Andrew Wade, known for his work with Wage War and A Day To Remember, dons the producer’s hat for this endeavor. ‘FERALITY‘ is an unapologetic, raw confrontation of recent struggles, blended into an intoxicating mixture of intense energy, a sludgy ambience tinged with a hint of horror, industrial metal gloss, and sinister undercurrents.

FERALITY is our testament of resilience, of maintaining balance on the brink of insanity, akin to a tormented creature in a cage,” the band explains. They continue, “It’s a reflection of the anguish when your efforts go unnoticed – our candid confession. The narrative dwells on the alienation in a realm meant for the misunderstood, the loss of self through creation, relationships, and stagnation. I’ve sacrificed yet another fragment of my being to forge this artwork, ready to share with my prosperity.”

You can pre-order ‘FERALITY’ now at this location.

In tandem with the album announcement, UnityTX has released their latest single “ROC SH!T” – a potent fusion of hip-hop and heavy metal. It is a thunderous symphony, with hard-hitting 808s and lyrically substantial verses, heralding a fresh era in music.

Discussing the track, the band declares, “For years, we’ve been marginalized by those who fail to grasp that kids from the grit can create sharp music with a cultural spin, and pack a harder punch than anyone can fathom. We’ve always embraced our individuality and never felt the need to conform — we’ve observed our influence on the scene since our debut. Now, it’s time to amp up our game, and that’s a given.”

“There’s a certain liberation in just letting it all out, screaming at the top of your lungs,” UnityTX vocalist Jay Webster confesses. “And it doesn’t always have to be at someone. Sometimes, you just need to scream.”

FERALITY‘ is the follow-up to UnityTX’s 2019’s EP ‘Madboy’. The Dallas-based quartet, comprising Webster, guitarist Ricky Cova, bassist Kendrick Nicholson, and drummer Jonathan Flores, has been paving their unique path in the underground since 2014. Their genre-defying blend of sounds thrust them into the spotlight, leading to tours with the likes of Silverstein, The Amity Affliction, and Poppy.

UNITYTX by T Aubrey

Upon the release of ‘Madboy’, the world was gripped by the COVID pandemic. “It felt like we had to restart from the beginning,” Webster admits. “The anxiety, the persistent feeling of inadequacy despite relentless efforts – it took a heavy toll on me. It felt like being an animal trapped in a cage, grappling with frustration and rage until you reach your breaking point.”

FERALITY‘ doesn’t shy away from exploring these turbulent emotions, from the opening doom-laden chords of “ROTTING AWAY (GORE)” to the eerie “STING” and album standout “LOST IN DAYZ.” This journey of anxiety-induced fury and the loss of innocence bubbles to a crest in the album’s most harrowing chorus.


But it’s in the intersections, where UnityTX carves out their visceral moments with the rhythmically robust “ROC SH!T,” or when they showcase their creative versatility with some of their most tunefully resplendent material yet, that ‘FERALITY‘ truly comes alive. This fusion is a testament to the strength of UnityTX’s vision: a brutal celebration of turn-of-the-century hard rock, the audacious swagger of hardcore hip-hop, and the fluid metamorphosis of new-age metalcore. The result is a thrilling journey through the past quarter-century of heavy music while propelling the genre into exciting, unexplored territory.

“I began this because I wanted to make music with my friends, then I recognized its potential because I could express myself freely,” Webster elucidates. “I aspire for our music to echo hip-hop undertones, but also incorporate elements of old-school nü-metal, hardcore, and metalcore – a blend of everything. People often compare us to other bands, but at the end of the day, I’m just a songwriter.”

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