According to a press release, the idea for the compilation began as a split between Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane and Chris #2 as well as The Homeless Gospel Choir and Chris Stowe. As the venture grew more people got involved until the project grew into a full-blown compilation record.

Chris #2 had this to say about THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE:

“We wanted to make it interesting and only allow one track. One take. One voice. One instrument. This idea immediately seemed bigger. I got on the phone with some friends to see if we could build this into an actual comp. This Concerns Everyone is that idea coming to fruition. You don’t need a band or a studio or record label or anything but yourself and a song. We hope that through listening to this comp people can feel the same way that we do. Our songs, art, poetry, whatever your medium, lasts longer than you do. That’s a powerful idea that something you’ve created can touch someone long after you’re gone.”

A portion of the proceeds for the compilation will be sent to Right To Heal Campaign, which is a joint effort between The Iraq Veterans Against The War, Organization of Women’s Freedom In Iraq and the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions In Iraq. Check out the track-listing, which features a mix of covers and original tracks, below.

Side A:

1. Chris Farren (Fake Problems) – “Establishment Blues” (Rodriguez)
2. Erica Freas (RVIVR) – “Tiny Murders”
3. Chris Conley (Saves The Day) – “A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke)
4. Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) – “What Did You Learn In School Today” (Pete Seeger)
5. PJ Bond – “Dirty Hands”
6. Anika Pyle (Chumped) – “Ugly”
7. Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) – “House Gone Up In Flames” (LISTEN HERE)
8. The Homeless Gospel Choir – “Some People”
9. Chris Stowe – “Other Peoples Guns”

Side B:

10. Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) – “Selected Scenes”
11. Roger Harvey – “What Are You Fighting For” (Phil Ochs)
12. Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan (War On Women) – “Servilia”
13. Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against) – “Civil War” (Guns N’ Roses)
14. Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) – “I Ain’t Got No Home” (Woody Guthrie)
15. Thomas From The Burning Land (Strike Anywhere) – “The Deep State” (Field Recording)
16. Ryan Harvey – “Hope Dies Last”

Digital Bonus Tracks:

1. Prophet Motive – “Hallowawa”
2. Josh Massie – “Life During Wartime” (Pinhead Gunpowder)
3. Spoonboy – “Last Of The Assholes” (The Max Levine Ensemble)
4. Pat Thetic – “Owe Us A Living” (CRASS)

You can hear Tom Morello’s contribution HERE. Aside from just the tracks on the record, we’re calling on anyone and everyone to submit protest songs of their own! You can submit MP3 tracks to the label at [email protected] and via social networks by tagging the post with#ThisConcernsEveryone. The submitted tracks will be featured and promoted on A-F Records’ SoundCloud player at: