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Ian MacKaye interviewed by WTJU radio

Great new interview with the legendary Ian MacKye is available for streaming. Go here to listen and see a nice transcription of choice snippets from the conversation. Some older video interviews are available below, as well.

Back in March, WTJU veteran Aaron Margosis borrowed a WAMU studio to interview Mayor of D.C. Punk Ian MacKaye. Their fascinating, in-depth conversation aired April 8 during WTJU’s Rock Marathon fundraising campaign and briefly lived online, but it’s since expired from the University of Virginia station’s website. So with Margosis’ blessing, we decided to post it on Bandwidth in the name of preservation—something Dischord Records, the iconic label MacKaye co-founded, has proven extremely adept at over the years.

Over nearly two hours, Margosis and MacKaye spin some tunes and talk Dischord history, straight edge, L.A.’s punk scene, Henry Rollins, Nazi skinheads, Fugazi’s record sales, getting courted by major labels and all sorts of subjects that would excite even a casual fan of MacKaye’s now-legendary bands and record label. For Margosis, the interview must have felt like a flashback; according to MacKaye, the former University of Virginia DJ was the first to play Dischord music on the radio.

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