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A venomous blitz of saxophone driven cinematic freak noise – listen to BLUE SUNSHINE

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With songs simultaneously inspired by current social/political issues, and cult films with connecting themes, and laid on the foundation of an unearthly noise jazz, BLUE SUNSHINE, the solo noise act by Richard from Feral Cuts label, is a one hell of experimet to watch. Inspired by the art of artists like The Fall, Glenn Branca, Swans, Suicide, Unsane, Comus, Exuma, Sun Ra, BLUE SUNSHINE is ready to unveil its first mind bending offerings and today it is our pleasure to give you his new song and music video called “Preacher Man”!

Blue Sunshine is the solo band of Vancouver based musician and visual artist Richard Lukacs. Following a two decade long anti-career in different punk, metal and noise bands, he started writing and recording his own lunacy in 2019.

Blue Sunshine

Influenced by cult movies, no-wave and a Sun Ra record accidentally played in slow motion, he spent most of his waking hours since trying to find the answer to an eternal question; can one single punk sound like an entire (mostly)acoustic noise orchestra? Most of us think about this all the time, but not many of us dedicated their entire pandemic to find out. Richard did. Now anchored by his crazed saxophones and hallucinatory waterphone, with haunting guest vocals by the mysterious Sisters of Summerisle, and mastering by Grammy-winning engineer Alan Douches (Motörhead, Converge, Oneida…), Blue Sunshine is here to scorch!

The upcoming EP from BLUE SUNSHINE was written, recorded, and mixed by Richard Lukacs alone. The EP will be out on October 21st, just in time for Halloween.

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