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CHOKE unlocks new levels of intensity on new EP “Desiphon”

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Green Bay, Wisconsin based death grinders CHOKE (Dusty Hansen on vocals, Caleb Cheslock and Eric Kwiatkowski on guitar, Chris Piette on drums and Slayder Smett on bass) have shared the full stream of their new EP, Desiphon, out today via Translation Loss Records.

“As a collective, creating this release was an amazing experience from start to finish,” says guitarist Caleb Cheslock.

“Overall all aspects were extremely cohesive and naturally easy flowing, but there was also a lot of time and detail put into making it. The songs themselves speak volumes about where we stand in the realm of personal integrity.

It was an incredible experience getting to work with everyone who was involved in the making of this thing and we can’t thank those people enough—Kurt Ballou and Brad Boatright contributing their audio mastery, Matt Lombard gracing us with visceral artwork, and Dave Jackson bringing media to life in more than a few ways. As a band we’re nothing short of totally elated and anxious to pull the curtains back and let this thing out. As a whole, the final masters for the EP have been finished since June of 2021- so stoked to get this thing to everyone’s ears now!”

“Vocalist Dusty Hansen oversees the chaos, growling out lines about the seemingly-crumbling state of the world as the other members of Choke create a fitting soundtrack for it.” / Decibel

“Held together by the ever steady hands of mixing/mastering duo Kurt Ballou and Brad Boatright, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about Desiphon. It runs no risk of outstaying its welcome, with the band instead hitting listeners hard and fast as they hammer their miserable message home. Perhaps we could hope for something a little longer soon, and with it a little more dynamic variation, but for the time being this is an EP that hits all of its targets with ease.” / Distorted Sound

“Desiphon arrives, makes its embittered point, and leaves again, leaving nothing but decimation in its wake. Each track is like a punch in the face – a short, sharp shock that makes your head rock back and forth again involuntarily. There is no relenting in the attack, a savage beatdown that leaves the listener in a heap, as if they unwittingly wandered into an MMA bout.” / Metal Epidemic

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