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A-Z of the UK based djent / metalcore band InRetrospect

Just days prior to their upcoming release of their next single ‘Limerence’ on June 11th, we are teaming up with djent metalcore pack INRESTROSPECT for a quick A-Z rundown of everything that fits they alley.

A sonic balance of harmonious noise focused on the sole intent of reflection, acknowledgement and ownership of the external anguish we, as a species, provide so unthoughtfully to the world around us. InRetrospect takes shape as an inter-county quintet who wish to share their perspective on the insatiable existential conquest that is the modern world. Designing sound that combats topics around the constant deterioration of mental health, pain & hardship in its more extreme form. The band utilise the anger and rawness, not only in the studio but in their live show to deliver a truly ground-shaking, thought-provoking performance.

InRestrospect by Tayler Rayner

InRestrospect by Tayler Rayner

Since late 2018, InRetrospect have grounded their footing in the music scene, playing shows throughout the UK to gain local support and landing themselves on the Satellite touring roster in late 2020. Releasing a small collective of singles from 2020 to date has earned the band radio play from BBC Introducing and gained the band DSP playlisting with Spotify and Apple music, surpassing 90,000+ streams on Spotify alone.

InRetrospect A-Z

A – Alpha Wolf – One of Australia’s best bands.

B – Breakdowns – They bring a rhythmic aggression, that in our eyes can always add further to a song.

C – Clean Vocals – This style of vocal is something that a lot of bands miss out on when writing heavy music and it’s incredibly important.

D – Deliverance (Album) – One of our favourite albums as a band by Heart of A Coward.

E – Ernie Ball – These are strings we can’t get enough of, live and in the studio.

F – Fanbase – Without people supporting bands the way they do, our scene would cease to exist.

G – Gojira – They are one of the best bands around at the minute and they’re music always delivers such an important message.

H – Hooch – A drink the band can always get behind.

InRetrospect by @darknorthmedia

InRetrospect by @darknorthmedia

I – Indian food – “4 naans Jez… that’s insane.”

J – Justin Timberlake – Like us, he’s bringing sexy back.

K – Korn – One of the first bands to utilise slap bass, low tuned guitars and a big influence in todays metal music.

L – Legator Guitars – A brand Jerome has used through recording our latest music and will be taking to live shows.

M – Miso soup – G.O.A.T soup.

N – Nu-Metal – As we mentioned about Korn, this genre in general defined a generation of heavy bands.

O – Oscar – Our producers’ dog.

P – Pot Noodles – A delicacy on tour.

Q – Quesadillas – Cheesy goodness

R – Riffs – A necessity in metal. 100% none negotiable.

S – Strandberg Guitars – The choice brand of guitar for James.

T – Tosin Abasi – A guitar player who has started to reshape the way the instrument is used creatively.

U – Underoath One of Nathans favourite bands.

V – Veil of Maya Another band that in our eyes are really breaking boundaries in heavy music.

W – Warwick Basses – Toby’ choice of weapon live and in the studio.

X – Xeno – One of Crossfaith’ best albums.

Y – Yankee Candles – They get rid of the overpowering smell in the van after tour.

Z – Zzzonked – James’ Favourite Enter Shikari song.

A-Z of the UK based djent / metalcore band InRetrospect
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