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Italian alt hard rockers JAX DIARIES comment on new video “When I Turn I See The Future”

Fresh off the release of their debut album ‘RIVERSIDE MOTEL’ on May 14th 2021, Italian alternative rock band JAX DIARIES are still riding the success of their first two singles from the record – “Came Down To Say Hi”, featuring DD Lacuna of Lacuna Coil that racked up more than 106K views, and the follow up track “Fury Roads (Boom Boom)” that kept the momentum increasing with its video garnering over 139K views since its release. The album has a sound that is rather diverse and genre-blending with each track bringing its own uniqueness. Today, we’re giving it a nod with a special feature and the band’s first-hand commentary below.

Jax Diaries just released their new video “When I Turn I See The Future“, a song with a theme that really ties in well with the concept of the album.

Jaxon, vocalist of Jax Diaries, comments: “Our new single “When I Turn I See The Future” was created during the time that I was battling injuries from my motorcycle accident, and I was in the mindset of thinking about my future and what happened without warning. The song itself is about our existence in the current space and time. We are neither living in the past nor the future, we can only live in the now because it is only the current moment that truly exists.”

“The video takes that thought and dives into it in a cinematic way. Set in a post-apocalyptic territory, there are two opposing tribal-like groups. The first, the group that I am depicted in, represents the past. My character notices a reflective light and becomes inquisitive about a woman who appears to be in need of help. We bring this woman, who represents the now, back to our headquarters where we are interrupted by the opposing tribal group that is representing the future. Battle between the two tribes ensues to portray the battle between the past and the future. By using a supernatural force, the woman stops the fight but also kills both groups. The video ends by her leaving the headquarters but not looking back. She is all that exists, the now, the moment. There is noise, there is exertion, but no one wins. All that’s left is the silence, absolute zero.”

“While on set, the supernatural may have been shown by more than just the woman’s character in the video. While filming, speaker batteries went dead three times in a row after being replaced and full each time. Also, there was an odd phone recording that happened. My phone was recording from angles that are unexplained and unaccounted for by anyone that was there. We spoke about the incident in an interview on The Loud Spot With Sebastian after showing the video, so you can watch the recording and see what you think of it.”

“Overall, the song “When I Turn I See The Future” ties into the concept of our debut album ‘Riverside Motel’, which is out now. The record has a lot of diversity from track to track and genre-blending throughout. When you go to a motel, it is a place you go to visit. There is a lot of diversity, a lot of different perspectives that walk in and out of those doors. We are there for a moment and then leave, there is a strong sense of past, present, and future. So many have been there previously and will be there at some point, but we only know the moment we exist in that space. Our album ‘Riverside Motel’ is open, it has a vacancy for you, and we hope you will enjoy your stay.”

Based in Italy, JAX DIARIES is an alternative rock band originally created by Jaxon and his brother Andrew in the summer of 2019. Both of them were previously in the metalcore band Cry Excess, who performed around the world supporting bands like Papa Roach, Korn, and Walls Of Jericho.

After recruiting Andrew and Frankie to complete the band’s lineup, they found quick success in 2019 with their debut single “Shine On” as the music video for the track hit 20K views in its first week. Later that year, tragedy struck when Jaxon was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. Persevering from his hospital bed, he continued writing new music with his bandmates during daily visits. Once on the mend, in March of 2020, the band went into the studio and recorded what would become their upcoming first full-length album ‘Riverside Motel’.

Jax Diaries

Giving fans a taste of what was to come, they released the single “Came Down To Say Hi” featuring DD Lacuna of Lacuna Coil in September of 2020 along with its music video which currently has over 106K views. Keeping the momentum going, their follow-up single “Fury Roads (Boom Boom)”, which is also from the upcoming album, has garnered over 139K views since its release in November of 2020.

JAX DIARIES’ debut full-length album ‘Riverside Motel’ is out now.

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