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Abrasive noise rock / post hardcore band BOTFLY premiere new video “Reflect//Reject”

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In late 2021, Halifax’s BOTFLY dropped their latest offering, the sophomore release, “Lower Than Love”. Today they’re back to release a chilling music video, for one of the more emotional songs on the album, “Reflect//Reject”, directed by Torin Langen.

Director, Torin Langen, says that most of his work revolves around the concept of rites and rituals, leaving room for viewer interpretation. “I have always preferred narrative that provides a visual breadcrumb trail”. Langen carries out each aspect of production as independently as possible, from prop production to post production, ensuring that the end product feels; handcrafted, organic and sculptural.

Guitarist/Vocalist, Keegan Goodspeed, says “Reflect//Reject” is “the band finally creating a song that embodies the sound we’ve been hearing in our head all these years”. The track is heavy, & rhythmic, while constantly clashing with chaotic, but groovy moments. He says “It’s easily one of my favourite songs we’ve ever written as a band.

“Lyrically it revolves around a feeling I’ve dealt with my whole life, as far back as I can remember. Feeling like no matter where you are, you never fully fit in, and no matter how hard you try to not let it affect you, you still look for acceptance” says Goodspeed.

The track is featured on their sophomore album “Lower Than Love” available now via No Funeral Records.


Originally forming in 2013, BOTFLY set out to pull from the energy of the noise rock scene of the 90’s, while still pulling a fresh contemporary spin to the style. The band released multiple EP’s, while regionally touring, before refining their sound on their self-released debut self-titled LP in 2017.

Since the release of their debut LP, Botfly has spent their time touring North America playing basements, clubs, and festivals.

Partnering with Pink Lemonade Records the band released the compilation album “Dark Days” in 2018 (compiling all of the material released before the debut LP), and the 2019 single “Truth In Numbers”. They band continued on to release the single “Dissassociate” on No Funeral Records in 2020, along with a 4-way split release with Canadian heavy-weight metal bands Greber, Antithesis & Cell Press. This all columinated to their second LP “Lower Than Love” released on No Funeral Records. “Lower Than Love” garnered the attention of many, and is described as Botfly “finding their sound”.

Now, with a modified lineup the band is set to continue creating their brand of emotional music through a wall of amps, feedback and creativity.


“Botfly are one of the best things in Canadian Heavy music, with arguably a sleeper in the discussion of record of the year. – The Sludegelord (2017)

“A cliche headbanger/mosh pit-inducing anti-melody, this album is not. More akin — on an emotional level — to shoegaze, this is an atmospheric soundscape that requests an investment of time from its listeners.” – The East Mag (2017)

“Behind its menacing riffs and intense live performances (Botfly) is a group that can be as vulnerable as any singer-songwriter.” – The Coast (2020)

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