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Acoustic punk rockers HONEST JOHN PLAIN AND THE GREENOWSKI’s release new music video “Old Songs”

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Veteran English punk rocker Honest John Plain (of the legendary English band THE BOYS, est. 1976 and still running) has released a new music video in support of his new record recorded as HONEST JOHN PLAIN AND THE GREENOWSKI! The track is called “Old Songs” and is taken from “Acoustic Menopause”, a full length album released on Action Recordz. The video shot in Italy celebrates 7 European tours a live record during five years of happy artistic marriage between the English punk rock prime mover (THE BOYS, THE LURKERS, IAN HUNTER, THE CRYBABIES, etc.) and the Italian combo. Watch and scroll down to read the full, rich story of Honest John Plain.


they just “KEEP on RUNNING” from the “COP CARS” “TONIGHT”

I hoped you will “TUMBLE WITH ME”
But you “KISS LIKE A NUN” so I went to “BOX NUMBER 939”

She couldn’t “STOP STOP STOP” being an “INDEPENDENT GIRL”

They speak and you can “SWAY” with me
“NOTHING VENTURED” nothing gained she said just “LET IT RAIN”

Said “I DON’T CARE” if I’m “SICK ON YOU” I’m not ready for a contract hustle with you

You can tell “GABRIELLE” and the little “SCRUBBER” too
they’re on the “WRONG ARM OF THE LAW”
so “MONOTONY” “TALKING” to me can’t you see
after all those songs ago
I still “MISS YOU” so


Honest John Plain met Matt Dangerfield at Art College in Leeds and moved to London with him in 1971. Dangerfield, joined London SS with Casino Steel, Mick Jones (The Clash), Tony James (Generation X) and Brian James (The Damned) with Plain joining them on drums for one session. As London SS disintegrated in 1975 Plain, Dangerfield and Steel formed The Boys.

The Boys quickly built up a reputation as a white-hot live band and in January 1977 became the first punk band to sign an album deal when they signed away their recording lives to NEMS, label established by Brian Epstein former Beatles manager. After signing for NEMS Plain sold The Boys equipment for £500 and put it on a horse, which came second! This and other dodgy deals quickly earned him the nickname ‘Honest’.
Widely tipped to make it big TheBoys had an arsenal of killer songs penned by Steel/Dangerfield & Plain and were highly respected by both the music press and their peers. They quickly became known as ‘The Beatles of Punk’ but unfortunately through a series of poor marketing, bad decisions and appalling luck they never converted their potential to chart success.
However they still managed to record four killer albums and release several sure-fire hit singles before finally calling it a day in the summer of 1981. During 1978/79 Siobhan Fahay (later of Bananarama) and Hazel O’Connor ran TheBoys fan club. In 1979 Plain had a brief spell with The Lurkers and co-wrote their hit single “New Guitar In Town” with guitarist Pete Stride whom he subsequently recorded an album, aptly titled “New Guitars In Town.
After the demise of TheBoysPlain joined the Dirty Strangers and recorded an album with Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods of the Rolling Stones. In August 1984 he joined TheMannish Boys. Managed by Denny Laine’s wife Jo Jo they quickly built up a live following and interest from several record companies before agreeing a deal with Motown with infamous producer Jimmy Miller to produce their record. Unfortunately the band were dropped as soon as Motown found out they were white!
By this time German punk band Die Toten Hosen were beginning to make an impact across Europe and their lead singer Campino made it known that his favorite band of all time were The Boys. He offered a support slot to the Tower Block Rockers on the proviso that they could persuade Plain to join the band.
Plain quickly came to realise that he and Tower Block Rockers guitarist Darrell Bath formed a formidable writing/performing partnership and they formed the Crybabys who were voted ‘Best New Band of 1991’ in Kerrang Magazine.
In 1993 Plain recorded his first solo album “Honest John Plain & Friends”, which featured guest appearances from many of his friends including Dangerfield, Bath, Robbie Rushton, Campino and Vom Ritchie.
In 1999 Boys reformed and form then on never disbanded again playing regularly open air festivals and successful headline tours.
Plain’s second solo album “Honest John Plain & Amigos” was released on 12 May 2003 to great critical acclaim and consequently Plain formed a new band to promote it. His old mate Robbie Rushton (Crybabys, Mannish Boys, TheGunslingers) was brought in on drums with Mat Sargent (Sham 69, Chelsea, Splodge) joining on bass. They made their debut as headlining act at the Punk Is Dead Festival in Holland on 17 October 2003 followed by a European tour.
Honest John Plain & The Amigos debut album “One More And We’re Staying was released on 10 April 2006 with a French tour to promote it.
At the beginning of 2007 Plain and his old friend Casino Steel agreed to form a new punk supergroup to play Ramones-influenced rock’n’roll with a hint of Dolly Parton. The result was “The Last Rock’n’Roll Band” featuring Plain’s Amigos Mat Sargent & Robbie Rushton alongside Petter Baarli (Backstreet Girls). Their self titled debut album was released on October 7 2007. Plain released his first acoustic album “Honest John Plain Untuned” on Still Unbeatable Records in Germany in 2009.
In the summer of 2011 Plain went into the iconic Rockfield Recording Studios in Monmouth, Wales to record a solo album for release in the fall of 2012. Amongst others Plain recruited Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders), Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks), Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks & New York Dolls), Casino Steel (The Boys & Holton/Steel), Darrell Bath (The Crybabys & Dogs D’Amour), Verden Allen (Mott The Hoople) and Die Toten Hosen.
During December 2011 Plain embarked on a month long European tour showcasing his solo acoustic show. The following month he teamed up with Lester Greenowski and his mates the LandslideLadies for an Italian tour with a live album “Honest Alive” released on 10 June 2012 since than PlainandGreenowski tour through Europe on regular basis at least once a year.
In July 2012 Plain recorded a video for his single “Never Listen To Rumours” with acclaimed director Tony Klinger (The Kids Are Alright, Deep Purple Rises Over Japan). Michael Monroe, Sami Yaffa, Casino Steel, Martin Chambers, Verden Allen & Darrell Bath all flew in from around the world to appear in the video.
In June 2014 The Boys released the critically aclaimed “Punk Rock Menopause”, their first brand new album since 1981’s “Boys Only”. Plain continues to tour extensively with The Boys with dates in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Spain, France, UK, Canada, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, China & Japan in the past few years. He also toured Europe with The Crybabys in 2015 after releasing their reunion single after almost 20 years since their debut.
In 2016 Plain released a new solo record “Acoustic Menopuase”, again he hit the road with his mate Greenowski to promote his new effort as Honest John Plain And The Greenowski’s.
After more than 40 years in the music business Plain’s musical career is looking extremely healthy with many young musicians citing him as a major influence. The release of the new Boys album along with a planned solo acoustic tour is certain to enhance his growing reputation and increase his popularity even further.


(Main releases)

with The Boys
1977 – The Boys
1978 – Alternative Chartbuster
1979 – To Hell With The Boys
1980 – Boys Only
2014 – Punk Rock Menoupause
2015 – Undercover, Live In China

with The Yobs
1979 – Christmass Album
with Pete Stride / John Plain
1980 – New Guitars In Town

with Mannish Boys
1985 – Penetration Sensation

with Die Toten Hosen
1990 – 125 Jahre Die Toten Hosen Auf Dem Kreuzzug Ins Glück
1991 – Learning English, Lesson One

with The Crybabys
1991 – Where Have All The Good Girls Gone
2000 – “Rock On” Sessions
2001 – Daily Misery
2016 – The Italian Job

with Ian Hunter
1995 – Dirty Laundry

with Honest John Plain & Friends
1996 – Honest John Plain & Friends

with Honest John Plain & Amigos
2003 – Honest John Plain & Amigos
2006 – One More And We’re Staying

with The Last Rock’N’Roll Band
2007 – The Last Rock’N’Roll Band

with Honest John Plain
2009 – Untuned
2016 – Acoustic Menopause

with The Mattless Boys
2010 – Mattless Boys

with Honest John Plain And The Landslide Ladies
2012 – Honest Alive

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