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Melodic hardcore band CASEY airing new video “Little Bidr”; hit the road big time!

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South Wales’ melodic hardcore upstarts, CASEY, recently celebrated the North American release of their debut full length, Love Is Not Enough, out now on Hassle Records. Now the band has teamed with New Noise Magazine to premiere their brand new music video for “Little Bird” one of the many explosive tracks from the album. You can watch the video below.

“Little Bird” considers the feeling of helplessness that results from knowing a loved one is in emotional distress. Vocalist Tom Weaver said of the track:

“it’s about being too emotionally naïve or unprepared to help support them through it.” Typically heart-wrenching, “Little Bird” exemplifies the band’s emotionally driven, cathartic approach as the band masterfully utilizes the contrasts between aggressive hardcore and melodic atmospherics.

Love Is Not Enough is available now for purchase digitally and physically. This is the first time the album has been made available physically in North American, including a limited pressing of “blood red” vinyl, along with exclusive merch designs.


Lay awake or sleep for days, you wouldn’t notice either way. Couldn’t help you with your pain, but always hoped that you were safe. It took hours of silent phone calls for me to finally realise that just because you act with the best of intentions it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be wrong.

I thought my heart could be our home but all you thought of was the cage. Praying for the sun, beneath my ribs you sat in shade. You were my little bird and I saw fit to clip your wings, and then resented you because for me you never chose to sing.

So there was silence in the house, the hallways echoed with a growing doubt that we would never make it out of the hell that we created.

I guess that’s why it never felt like home, because we’d lay together but were still alone. Desperate for the warmth of someone’s comfort but not our own. We were always vacant, nothing more; we spoke until our throats were sore. Our hearts lay on the bedroom floor, and one was mine, but both were yours.

I’m sorry I could never find the words to say, I had chewed them all into my tongue. Your negligence has left me frail. I never asked to fall in love so young.

I know I promised not to call again, but I’ve still got so much to say. I hope to god that you are sleeping well, I hope that someday you will ache the way I ache.

Someday you will ache the way I ache.

CASEY have also announced a lengthy run of spring tour dates, which include appearances at Impericon Festival, Download Festival, Destruction Derby Festival, and runs with BEING AS AN OCEAN, BOSTON MANOR, and more:

04.14.17 Vienna, AT @ Impericon Festival
04.15.17 Leipzig, DE @ Impericon Festival
04.16.17 Nijmegen, NL @ Doornroosje *
04.17.17 Manchester, UK @ Impericon Festival
04.18.17 Antwerp, BE @ Zappa *
04.19.17 Saarbrücken, DE @ Garage *
04.20.17 Bologna, IT @ Kindergarten Club *
04.21.17 Zürich, CH @ Impericon Festival
04.22.17 Oberhausen, DE @ Impericon Festival
04.23.17 Hamburg, DE @ Markthalle *
04.24.17 Hannover, DE @ Faust *
04.25.17 Poznań, PL @ U Bazyla *
04.26.17 Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert *
04.27.17 Schweinfurt, DE @ Stattbahnhof *
04.28.17 Nancy, FR @ Chez Paulette *
04.29.17 Freiburg, DE @ Crash
05.22.17 Liverpool, UK @ Buyers Club #
05.23.17 Newcastle, UK @ @ Think Tank #
05.24.17 Swindon, UK @ Level 3 #
05.25.17 Bournemouth, UK @ Anvil #
05.26.17 Cardiff, UK @ Clwb Ifor Bach #
06.10.17 Donnington Park, UK @ Download Festival
08.18.17 Allstedt, DE @ Destruction Derby Festival

* w/ Thy Art Is Murder, Being As An Ocean, Miss May I
# w/ Boston Manor

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