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Ákos Deri goes dark and psychedelic in the newest record from BERRILOOM

It’s time to highlight some of the finest dark, psychedelic, synth, moody and messed-up electro tracks filled with doom, death and pain. BERRILOOM is a one-man project by Ákos Deri and “Discontinuous Man” is his first full length album after three EPs. The title comes from Georges Bataille’s ‘Eroticism‘ book and the whole album aims a couple of main thoughts in the lyrics following writers like Sarah Kane or Georges Bataille and themes like religion, death, violence, sin etc. See the official word below and dive into this moody adventure below.

We are discontinuous beings, individuals who perish in isolation in the midst of an incomprehensible adventure, but we yearn for our lost continuity. We find the state of affairs that binds us to our random and ephemeral individuality hard to bear. Along with our tormenting desire that this evanescent thing should last, there stands our obsession with a primal continuity linking us with everything that is.
A man can suffer at the thought of not existing in the world like a wave lost among many other waves, even if he knows nothing about the division and fusion of simple cells.

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