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Alaska vicious hardcore pack SHE teasing new album “Goodpaster”

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Hailing from the frigid climes of Anchorage, Alaska, the formidable hardcore/crust quartet known as SHE is poised to unleash their thunderous new long-player, Goodpaster, in June. Today, they have graciously unveiled the album’s resplendent cover art, the tantalizing track listing, preorders, and the captivating lead single, “Arguments In Space.”

SHE was forged on the eve of All Hallows’ Eve in 2008, melding the talents of vocalist and wordsmith Andrew Sims, six-string virtuoso Mercy Cofield Jr., low-end maestro Justin Costiniano, and percussive powerhouse Justin Rodda. Steeped in a DIY philosophy and an abiding adoration for all artistic endeavors, the ensemble has been independently disseminating their creations since their genesis.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mélange of contemporary aggressive acts, jazz, hip-hop, punk, and pop, SHE has masterfully crafted a uniquely jagged and evocative sonic tapestry that captivates their audience from manifold directions. Channeling influences from such diverse acts as Converge, Pig Destroyer, Meshuggah, Cursed, Blacklisted, Cruel Hand, and Trapped Under Ice, the band’s oeuvre will undoubtedly find favor amongst the admirers of these esteemed groups, as evidenced by their inaugural studio opus, Goodpaster. This pulverizing long-player delivers thirteen incendiary tracks in a mere twenty-seven minutes, unleashing a barrage of ferocious metallic hardcore while effortlessly weaving infectious hooks, resulting in an indelible auditory experience.

SHE hardcore Alaska

The album was meticulously recorded, engineered, and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio, renowned for its work with Nails, Kruelty, and God’s Hate. The audio was subsequently refined by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, whose impressive roster includes Obituary, Year Of The Knife, and R.A.M.B.O. The striking visual elements were crafted by Justin Costiniano. When queried about the genre encapsulated by SHE, Taylor Young offered the enigmatic response, “It’s not, not hardcore. It’s not, not metal. It’s not, not grind.”

Vocalist Andrew Sims elucidates the genesis of the LP’s initial sonic offering, “‘Arguments In Space’ serves as the first single from Goodpaster for a duo of reasons: it bursts forth with unbridled energy and provides the listener with a comprehensive glimpse of the diverse soundscapes traversed throughout the album, encompassing a modicum of grind, galloping rhythms, ferocious blasts, and an irresistible mosh section. Thematically, the lyrics delve into the complexities of juggling myriad personas within diverse social circles while striving to preserve one’s authentic self. The song probes the intricacies of interpersonal and intrapersonal insecurities and the attendant internal dialogues. Ultimately, the desire to be true to oneself often clashes with societal pressures to conform to various molds and constructs, wreaking havoc upon our physical and mental well-being.”

SHE will self-release Goodpaster on Ox Blood and Bone colored vinyl LP and all digital platforms this June 16th.

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