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ALEXISONFIRE drummer Jordan “Ratbeard” Hastings breaks down AoF drum parts

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When I think of ALEXISONFIRE, I always reminisce about moments filled with raw emotion and energy. This band was like a musical guide for me, blending post-hardcore with rock in a way that hit straight to the heart. I fondly remember those times, and that’s why I’m thrilled to dive into this material about Jordan “Ratbeard” Hastings, the drummer of ALEXISONFIRE.

In the newest video form Drumeo, Jordan Hastings, also known as Ratbeard, takes us on a journey through his favorite ALEXISONFIRE drum parts. He talks about his musical influences, especially the legendary Neil Peart from RUSH, who shaped his drumming style.

His stories are full of personal anecdotes, showcasing the joys of touring, discovering new cities, and the camaraderie with his bandmates during summer tours.

Jordan Ratbeard Hastings

Jordan kicks off the lesson with “Boiled Frogs,” demonstrating how to mimic a double kick using a single pedal. It’s a clever approach that delivers a powerful sound without additional gear. He then moves on to “Young Cardinals,” explaining intricate drum fills that add dynamism and energy to the song.

Jordan’s story of joining ALEXISONFIRE is told with a smile. He was a member of the band JERSEY when his path crossed with ALEXISONFIRE. Both bands hailed from the Golden Horseshoe area in Ontario and often toured together, naturally strengthening their bond. When ALEXISONFIRE needed a drummer on short notice, Jordan was ready to step in—he learned the setlist in a few days and hit the road.

Drumming in ALEXISONFIRE is unique for Jordan in terms of creativity. As he mentions, there’s rhythmic freedom in the band—everyone can contribute, and the creative process is collaborative. “What’s best faor the song stays,” he emphasizes.

Jordan also shares advice for aspiring drummers. The key is to focus on songwriting and finding your unique groove. It’s important to support the band’s music rather than just showing off skills. “Find your spots to do cool stuff, but also step back and let the song progress as it should,” he advises.

Tour stories are a real treat. Jordan loves summer tours, where he can explore cities, enjoy good weather, and spend time outdoors. Every day is a new adventure, and he compares life on tour to summer camp.

We can’t forget his influences—especially Neil Peart from RUSH, whose ride cymbal technique often shines through in Jordan’s playing. He also recounts the time he had the chance to play “Tom Sawyer” in front of Neil, Geddy, and Alex. It’s one of those unforgettable experiences.

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