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Crusty screamo act HABAK re-issues debut album on Persistent Vision Records

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HABAK by J. Donovan Malley
HABAK by J. Donovan Malley

From Tijuana, Mexico, Habak exploded onto the DIY scene with what they describe as “crust melódico” – emotionally charged music that blazes a path through crust, screamo, and post-metal.

Debut album Insania, originally released in 2015, captures the intensity of the band’s early days, melding aggressive Tragedy-inspired d-beat with dark moments of melody that bring to mind contemporaries like Envy or Pageninetynine.

Sung in Spanish, vocalist Alejandra Valdez’s lyrics touch on themes of mental anguish, isolation, and hopelessness.

Guitarist Juan Cintora states: “Many people see mental illness as something insignificant, when the reality is that no one is exempt and we have to understand that many times it is a side effect of the capitalist society in which we live.”

Persistent Vision Records’ reissue of Insania was remastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Frail Body) and includes a bonus live version of one song, “Orbe de Almas,” recorded in 2023 by Saetia/Off Minor member Steve Roche at his Philadelphia studio, Permanent Hearing Damage. Never before pressed on vinyl, Insania will be available in two color vinyl variants.

Persistent Vision Records owner Paul Hansbarger gives this statement: “When I first heard Habak, I was instantly drawn to their unique sound, which takes inspiration from many genres that I love. I hear inspiration from an eclectic mix of bands, from His Hero Is Gone to Neurosis. Add to that, female vocals with socio-political lyrics and a dedication to DIY punk ethos, and I think it makes Habak one of the more unique and interesting bands going right now. It doesn’t hurt that they are also wonderful and kind people as well, so I am excited to be working with them on ‘Insania’ along with other releases in the works.”

Stream remastered tracks from the album, here:

With the Insania reissue coming in June, Habak will make an appearance at Fear of Noise Fest in San Diego in May, followed by a full European summer tour. The band closes out the summer with a slot on Dark Days Bright Nights, the Richmond, Virginia fest curated by Persistent Vision’s Paul Hansbarger and Pageninetynine guitarist Mike Taylor.

HABAK by J. Donovan Malley
HABAK by J. Donovan Malley

Persistent Vision’s reissue of Habak’s Insania comes in the midst of a big year for the label, including the recent release of the acclaimed new album by industrial-metal powerhouse Prisoner, upcoming new releases by the likes of Fórn and Blind Girls, and the aforementioned Dark Days Bright Nights festival, whose inaugural lineup sees Habak play alongside Portrayal of Guilt, Thou, Soul Glo, and dozens more.

The label also recently repressed Habak’s 2023 split LP with Lagrimas, which will be available in June.


May 31 – San Diego, CA @ Fear of Noise Fest
Jun 28 – Zelebsko, Poland @ Ultra Chaos Piknik
Jun 29 – Berlin, Germany @ Koepi
Jun 30 – Leipzig, Germany @ Atelierhaus Zoro E.V.
Jul 3 – Carpi, Italy @ Carpi Skatepark
Jul 4 – Milan, Italy @ Casa di Alex
Jul 5 – Pordenone, Italy @ Tune Music Lab
Jul 6 – Lausanne, Switzerland @ Porno Diesel Squat
Jul 7 – Munich, Germany @ Kade Kult
Jul 10 – Vienna, Austria @ Pankahyttn
Jul 11 – Zagreb, Croatia @ Mocvara
Jul 12 – Budapest, Hungary @ Dopamine
Jul 13 – Warsaw, Poland @ Ada Pulawska Squat
Sep 14 – Richmond, VA @ Dark Days Bright Nights

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