ALEXISONFIRE to announce a farewell tour [UPDATE]

Wade MacNeil (GALLOWS) has confirmed that his ex-band, ALEXISONFIRE, will be doing one final tour. No dates have yet been announced.

He stated:

Seems like the cats out of the bag. Alexisonfire will do one final tour. 

Dallas Green added:

I don’t think we’ll play arenas. It’ll probably be a bunch of shows, probably be a bunch of nights at a smaller place. Maybe we’ll play every record or maybe we’ll do different set lists and stuff. It’ll be more of a happy-go-lucky vibe than ‘hey, look at how big we were.’ You know what I mean? It would be more about celebrating what we had and what we did and what we accomplished.

Go here to read more in his recent interview with Spinner.


PUBLISHED on July 7, 2012.
UPDATED on July 7, 2012 – Dallas Green’s comment added.

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