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ALL ELSE FAILED premiere “19 Year Anniversary Playlist”

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Philadelphia’s ALL ELSE FAILED have posted a compilation album putting together their favorite 19 tracks that coincide with their upcoming 19 year anniversary. Chek out the player and the official word below!


Thanks for visiting. This playlist represents what we feel is the best of our 19 years and counting as a band. 19 songs for 19 years. Download away, pay what you want or nothing at all. We decided against chronological order and put it together as if it were a big set list. Pretty cool right?

released 01 April 2014 
Track 4 taken from our Self Titled 7″. Released in 1996. 
Tracks 10,12 and 14 taken from “A Most Bitter Season”, 1997 
Tracks 5 and 16 taken from “In My God’s Eye”, 1998 
Tracks 1, 9 and 19 taken from “In Times Of Desperation”, 2000 
Tracks 6 and 13 taken from “Archetype”, 2001 
Tracks 2, 11, 15 and 17 taken from “This Never Happened”, 2004 
Track 7 taken from “Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With”, 2006 
Tracks 3, 8 and 18 taken from “Wouldn’t Wish This On Anyone” 2011. The players: Luke Muir, Patrick Shannon, Steve Wiegand, Paul Kopf, Dave Sesso, Bobby Wiegand, John Moran, Dave Klenk, Dave Davies, Joe Brown, Chris Pennie, Jimmy Rhodes. 

If you are concerned with who played what on which song, you shouldn’t worry about that sort of thing. 

Thanks to Mike Cummings for creating this page for us and for basically helping us actually be a semi-functional band in 2014. 

Thanks to our good friend Brandon Wallace for writing track 15 with us. I don’t think we ever actually credited him properly as the drummer when that track was written, because we were forgetful bastards who sucked at liner notes and such. 

This is the part where I usually make self deprecating remarks about the band and Steve gets mad at me for being so negative, so I’ll flip it and go positive: 

This band has meant more to me for the last 19 years than anything in my life. It has driven me to tears and made me feel like I could crush the world with one hand. It won’t die because I won’t let it. I love my band mates past and present and I feel we made something unlike anything any band has done before or since. This little snapshot may prove that to you. Or maybe not. Or maybe you already know. Either way, this is essentially our life’s work, and I hope you enjoy. Patrick/AEF.

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