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“Almost died from heat exhaustion” – Remembering Hellfest 2001

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Featuring the last show of ANOTHER VICTIM and EARTH CRISIS, and a LOT more amazing hardcore punk, post hardcore and metalcore acts, the legendary Syracuse hardcore/metal fest was a three-stage bomb that stuck in mind forever. Hellfest was not just a juge gathering of punk and hardcore enthusiasts. It was a real breakthrough in underground music scene, and an amazing outlet for young people to find some more inspirations and share their passion and vision of life with thouands of other participants. With such great benefits as a lack of barriers, dozens of dedicated bands and a huge focus of straight edge and vegan promotion, the American Hellfest will always hold a special place in hearts for the community of the hardcore punk subculture and way of life.

Go here to watch a bunch of videos from Hellfest 2000.

Hellfest 2001

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