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Alt hip-hop artist Killtarzan releases moody debut EP; serves unique inspirational from a darker place

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There’s a whole range of reasons to be excited about the future of alternative hip-hop and with artists like Killtarzan, it’s easy to see and prove that genre can evolve with the times. With an interesting variation in sounds, delivery, and overall moody feel, the debut EP from Dallas native and self-produced alternative artist, finds him at his most vulnerable, heartfelt, but also creative and innovative. Killtarzan embodies the recurring theme of being on a solo mission, a lone wolf, so to speak, in the industry as he brings a unique new approach to the cloud hop/emo hip hop genre. Listen below and dive into its hypnotic beats, ambiances and nostalgics.

Killtarzan’s music represents complex emotional testimonies that combine hasty, yet deliberate lyricism and with addictive hooks in a seemingly effortless way. Channeling influence from his southern roots and artists the likes of Eminem, Kid Cudi and Metallica, Killtarzan embodies a style that is equally intense as it is hypnotic and simultaneously reckless as it is conscious.

Self-produced and recorded with no label help. Mixed and mastered by Mason McCall.

The Goner” is a personal piece of art created and self-produced by Killtarzan, he shares his deepest darkest times through his alternative gothic/dark wave music and lyricism. The messages throughout this four-track EP act as a motivational anthem to encourage and speak to the lost souls battling their own demons. Killtarzan sympathizes with them and shares his experience and certain decisions made to overcome these struggles in life.

Killtarzan gets inspiration from a lot of different places. A good mix between screamo, country, metal (Pantera), and hip hop. Also classic rock like The Eagles and Motley Crue. Always on a steady rotation of artists and genres.

Goner” is the standout. Hints the title of the tape and its place first. The Goner EP is the most cohesive look at Killtarzan as an artist. It’s a collection of tracks that represent his brand of music, what he stands for, and really set the tone for future releases. It’s about the inevitable fate of death but seizing the time you do have. Kind of inspirational from a darker place.

Killtarzan by Third.Earth
Killtarzan by Third.Earth

Born and raised in Dallas, Killtarzan grew up with a huge passion for music before self-learning the foundations of producing with friends. Transitioning into Killtarzan, he began to hone in on his unique sound and image gaining recognition for his conscious lyrics and versatility in blending genres from alternative rock to low-fi trap.

Killtarzan’s music is inspirational/introspective. Music with a deep meaning behind the lyrics, aesthetic, and art. Trying to inspire, help others cope, and overall evoke emotion. “Since starting, my music has become more complex, incorporating a larger range of sounds and genres. Tracks with a spectrum of emotions – intense as it is hypnotic, dark as it is uplifting, and reckless as it is deliberate.”

Track by track commentary:

Deep End: Killtarzan speaks of “falling in the deep end” as a metaphor for falling into the uncertainty that is love. He continues to state his belief that home is not a place, rather it is within one’s heart. The slow, trance beat echoes this struggle of falling into endless space with no control over dark emotions. The trap-style beat is blissfully balanced between melodic and mid-tempo attach of over-hyped sounds. Eager to inspire and help others cope with the universal feeling of the unknown, Killtarzan demonstrates his unique capabilities of blending genres and evoking deeply meaningful lyrics throughout this new release.

Goner: A track for the final hour. Giving everything for something you believe in. Grinding till your last breath. The Book of Eli – a man on a solo mission to leave his stamp on the world. Leaving everything you have on the table.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, bo shows and Dallas music scene looking really weird like most places right now,  Killtarzan just been in the studio a ton and working on a collaboration with a couple of different artists. He has about 15 songs were trying to release over the next 3 months, so there’s a lot more to come!

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