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Alt metalcore pack WORTH THE WAIT tackles an overdose of media with heavy new single “OBEY//DECAY”

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Independent alternative metalcore band WORTH THE WAIT – Dakota Rose (vocals) and Joseph Kovacs (guitar/bass) – released their brand new single and video for “OBEY//DECAY” today. The song is entirely self-produced and recorded by the duo.

Vocalist Dakota explains the message behind the track as follows. “This song reflects from the events of the past year, with almost a blind leading the blind message. Some people have been so close-minded, and it’s somehow gotten much worse as of recently. When you follow so blindly it will ultimately lead you to your own demise.”

The band hopes that you feel the emotion that they felt when they recorded it. Vocalist Dakota Rose adds, “I hope it’s something that they can listen to and not feel alone in the situation. We hope they can better understand us within it as well.”

Worth The Wait!

“This single is our first political release, I would say, personally.” – he continues. “Lyrically, it’s about the overload of information and tragedy from the past year. Just an overdose of media, causing desensitization. It’s also blindly following a leader, or a dictator if you will. Acting upon their words. And believing everything they say without question or regard for your own best interests. It’s definitely a big move, and not everyone will agree and that’s okay.”

“The style of the song was influenced by some of our favorite bands, like Slipknot, We Came As Romans, Bad Omens, Fit For A King, and many others.”

“I was a huge fan of Slipknot’s IOWA album, and I think that really shows with this song.” – adds Dakota.

Asked about the recording process, the band adds: “With this release we wrote it rather quickly, it was actually the smoothest process we’ve had thus far. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered here at Clout House Studios in Akron, Ohio, by us. We’re an indie band with no label. Just two guys making music together.”

Currently the band does not have any tour dates planned, but once things open up more, they do plan to plan on setting up a show or 2, possibly scouting out some local musicians for future tours.

Worth The Wait

Worth The Wait was originally founded in 2009 as an idea between teenage friends that wanted to start a band. Influenced by their post-hardcore and metalcore predecessors, the band officially went into the studio to record their very first demo with Landon Tewers (The Plot In You) in 2010. Several months later they headed back to the studio. This time, at Capital House Studios with Nick Ingram. After gaining some success on Myspace and Facebook, they got in contact with Saud Ahmed of The Crimson Armada/The Holy Guile and finished what would become their first independently released EP Remembrance, which propelled them onto the Vans Warped Tour stage.

The band’s lineup has since changed and they have released a handful of singles over the years with each showing a consistent evolution in their sound. Certain life events made it so that the band had to take a 6-year hiatus but they are back stronger than ever with their 2 latest releases achieving over 250k streams on Spotify and their latest single “BLACKWATER” being featured on Caliber TV and Scene Daddy!

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