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Italian high energy punk rockers COMRAD teasing new EP with new single and track by track rundown!

COMRAD is a brand new, high energy punk rock band consisting of four members from three cities and two countries (Bari, Rome, Manchester). Their debut EP ‘Restiamo Vicini’ is sung entirely in Italian and comprises of five songs that contain themes of a ‘do it yourself’ attitude mixed with a sentimental message of positivity. The EP is being released on cassette by Kallax Records and Upwind Records in Italy and it is getting UK distribution by Ripcord Records!

Today, we’re giving you a track by track special, spiced up with great, emotive new track “Restiamo vicini”!

In 2015, lead vocalist Giò auditioned for X-Factor in Italy. He won first place and immediately released his debut solo single that became certified gold. Their influences come from bands such as Pulley, NOFX, Bigwig, Much the Same and The Ataris, pairing melodic punk rock with aggressive and unusual sounding Italian vocals.

Restiamo Vicini EP TRACK-BY-TRACK commentary:

Che Bello è” (How Beautiful It Is) is based around the concept of success being a means to an end.

La Disfatta” (The Defeat) talks about a single moment where everything around you falls apart, shattering prior beliefs and bringing on feelings of needing distance, as well as the acknowledgement of failure leading to new beginnings.

Grande Salto” (Big Jump) Is the desire to participate in a new renaissance where patriarchy, homophobia, racism and intolerance are things of the past.

Il Primo Sbaglio” (The First Mistake) is about the importance of making mistakes, trial and error and humility in the face of adversity.

Restiamo Vicini” (Let’s Stay Close) is about letting down emotional defences and admitting that problems shared are problems halved.

Comrad is: Giò Sada (lead vocals), Andy Dazzler (bass and backing vocals), Marco Fischetti (Drums) and Alessandro Donadei (guitar).

Italian high energy punk rockers COMRAD teasing new EP with new single and track by track rundown!
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