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Eclectic alternative hip-hop band OXYMORRONS share new video for “Definition”

Continuing the momentum of their “Mohawks & Durags” EP, today New York City-based alternative hip-hop band OXYMORRONS (interviewed for IDIOTEQ back in 2013!) have released an eye-catching official music video for the project’s lead single “Definition”.

Produced by John Feldmann and Zach Jones, the standout track featuring Fever 333 frontman Jason Aalon has quickly become a fan favorite and garnered massive playlist support. The song was added to official Spotify playlists including Rock This, Rock Hard, New Noise, FORYOU, Rock Rising, and FREQUENCY; as well as Apple Music playlists Breaking Rock, New In Rock, Breaking Hard Rock.

NYC alternative hip-hop band OXYMORRONS

Filmed and edited by Atlanta-based videographer Michael Danners, the “Definition” video is a bold visual blend of NYC punk rock and hip-hop, perfectly capturing the band’s energy and influences, and the song’s rebellious essence.

“Definition” has a profoundly personal message for Oxymorrons, who explained: “This song is an anthem for the people who refuse to be boxed in by society’s status quo. For the individual who fights to stand up and stand out. The definition of the undefined. Repping New York till we die while giving you the biggest soaring hook we could imagine. The Alt-scene is changing and evolving. It’s a microcosm of the global revolution we are currently experiencing. Every revolution needs a soundtrack. We are proud to provide one of the frequencies to said soundtrack; that not only defines us, but also many others! This is bigger than Oxymorrons. This is about the long overdue but necessary evolution that guitar driven music needs! What doesn’t evolve becomes extinct and we refuse to let a musical art form our ancestors architected, be stifled into extinction”.

333 Wreckords Crew label owner and collaborator Jason Aalon added: “I feel this track is an unabashed statement about who this band are as POC people in a musical and cultural space that at one point required you to squeeze yourself within its constructs to be recognized thus abandoning other outside cultural nuances that would inherently make your involvement more unique. To me that would be genuinely alternative. Oxymorrons are the New Testament to the destruction of such constructs and THAT is TRULY alternative”.

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