AMBITIONS loses their singer

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia’s AMBITIONS have parted ways with their singer.


The band issued the following statement:

“Just so you know, I no longer sing for Ambitions. It’s been a few days since it was made official but the band is still yet to make a statement regarding the topic. There’s no bad blood between me and the fellas so before kids go jumping to conclusions, it was my personal decision. It’s been a rad time being with the fellas and I wish the future of Ambitions well, whatever it may be. “

We wish Blake well in the future with his musical endeavours, he has helped us out a fuckload as a band and we appreciate it a great deal.

We have a show or two coming up in the next few weeks in which our friend Kieran Pittar will be taking over vocals for. After that we will be going on a small break to focus completely on recording and making our next release as boss as possible for you guys!

AMBITIONS – “Guido Caletti”:

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