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“Amer” – THE PRESTIGE full album premiere & exclusive commentary!

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I am greatly honored to give you the full stream of the highly antiipated new album from French chaotic hardcore / atmospheric mathcore architects THE PRESTIGE!

Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé (AS WE DRAW, BIRDS IN ROW) and mixed by Bob Weston (CEREMONY, MONO, SHELLAC) this new record is being released via Enjoyment Records (UK), Basement Apes (FR), Imminence Records (US), Dingleberry records and distribution (GER), Nature Morte (THE PRESTIGE own imprint), Brutal Beatdown Records (Cuba), and Bad Mood Records (CH). “Amer” is a carefully calculated masterpiece with really impressive, monstrous riffs, relentless thunderstorms and calm, more progressive intermissions that will put you in a sentimental mood.  It’s an exceptionally consistent record and a great showcase of the band’s abilities and development.

GO HERE to watch the band’s latest music video for the track “Bête Noire” and visit this location to watch their amazing video documentary on their recent trip to Cuba!


Alex, the band’s singer, issued the following commentary exckusively for IDIOTEQ:


Having a strong and often unpleasant flavor that is the opposite of sweet
Causing painful emotions : felt or experienced in a strong and unpleasant way
Angry and unhappy because of unfair treatment

Amer means bitter in French and we thought it was a perfect word to express the feelings encompassed in it. We are not angry kids and we don’t carry any hate. We are just expressing the familiar frustration and underlaying violence that one – that we – get used to, and also the mumbling of our disillusioned youth that grew up too fast. And if you have to think of this album as a painting, then Paris is its background. There have always been clichés about this city but what we see and what bred us when writing it was more its filthy streets and the smell of piss in the metro.

This record is way more personal than Black Mouths because we don’t feel we shed any veil on our feelings in the studio. We spat them out raw and captured them by recording this album live with Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row, As We Draw, Plebeian Grandstand,..). That is also why some parts are sang in French. Singing in English is good and fun but singing in French helps to really get things out of your chest. And we thought it sounded great.
We have been playing some of these songs live already, around Europe and UK, in Cuba too. And we will be playing most of them on our upcoming tours that would lead us to Russia, around Europe again and next year in the US and again, in Cuba.
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