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ANAAL NATHRAKH Premieres “Todos Somos Humanos”

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Decibel Magazine offers up the inimitable ear-laceration that is “Todos Somos Humanos” from Birmingham blackened grindcore miscreants, ANAAL NATHRAKH. The tune comes from the band’s forthcoming Vanitas full-length, scheduled for North American release through Candlelight Records on November 6.

Vanitas has been reaping critical accolades domestically and abroad. In an early review of the record, Teeth Of The Divine commends Vanitas, calling it, “…easily the band’s best and most violent effort since Eschaton, both production and song-wise. There are quite literally times during the album where I shuddered with a tangible ‘whoa,’ as it melds that album’s seething, regal neo-grind with the debut’s harsh, caustic atmosphere, resulting in paint-peeling, ear shredding elegance and savagery that few, if any, bands can match.” The Digital Fix notes, “Turning up the grindcore elements of their sound, they blast through a set of tunes so utterly destructive that, with a heady mix of machine-gun blastbeats, sickening riffs and a mix perfectly balanced to bring out the murderous intent below, proves to be another highlight in a particularly vintage twelve months for metal,” while The Examiner proclaims, “If hell had a sound track, Vanitas would be the extended version.” Adds Stereokiller in a perfect 5/5 review: ANAAL NATHRAKH have it all going on throughout Vanitas. Whether you’re into industrial, death, melodic or black metal they seem to cover every aspect of the spectrum.”


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